One happy little Sota chaser here

Just checked me Sota scores on the door

Finally reached 4000 Sota Unique :slight_smile:

WELL 4011 with Andys virgin summit today in GM

And 30k chaser is coming up fast :slight_smile:

Keep working them and watch the scores grow :slight_smile:


Great stuff Karl! Thanks for being there as a chaser, itโ€™s much appreciated!

Best 73,

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Good stuff. Thanks for the 4th QSO today and thius being the qualifing contact. Youโ€™re far enough way that 40m usuually just works with you when itโ€™s long skip but Iโ€™m 250-300miles further North than normal so you were a good signal.

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No, Guru, 4011 is the score on the database.

Well done Karl.

Well done also to Don G0RQL, my top chaser, who has reached 10009.

Many thanks to both for their support for my activations,

Well done Karl remembering most of that was on 10w now with all that 50w
you certainly will be going places!
Thanks Rod. 73 Don.G0RQL.

Ah. Sorry.
I thought they were 4000 uniques and after working the one activated by Andy, it would be 4001โ€ฆ
There must be something Iโ€™m not catching about the scoring.
I donโ€™t usually pay much attention to scoring systems in the different rankings.


Oh yes extra 40w has made so much more difference its unreal especially during low conditions. But remember i did improve me antennas went along in past 6 years of being here and then shove an extra 40w through them . :partying_face:

Just seen your Scores on doors :wink:

As i said before keep plodding on keep chasing and the numbers will grow all SSB well 99.9% with odd FM in there since been on VHF.

Yep 10w till Jan 1st this year and what a difference extra 40w makes, to long a M3. Makes it worth while doing the intermediate and its not that hard either. Donโ€™t think it is little study get help and you can do it

karl 2E0FEH

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