Hi All,
I just posted the alerts for my 2017 SOTA Winter Tour from 9 - 12 March.
I’ll try to visit 12 summits: 1 PA and 11 ON (for my 10 Years ON-SOTA Activator Award !), but the weather does not look really good, so I may have to cancel some … we’ll see.
If someone wants me to test PSK or RTTY please drop me a note off list.
If I get three replies, I will consider taking the extra stuff, otherwise it means there is no real interest in digimodes for SOTA at this time.
Hope to work a lot of activators, especially would love to have a VK/ZL contact (regular chaser or S2S), and on Sunday I will look out for ON hams on 2m SSB in the UBA Spring Contest !
73 - Luc ON7DQ

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The weather forecast for 9, 10 & 11 is becoming better Luc. Have a lot of fun!

3 summits in the pocket … 9 to go
Had no cell coverage on ON/ON-001, but there is free WiFi !
So I was able to make some nice S2S there.
Here a sneak preview of my latest “inventions”, an umbrella with a hole in it … and a pole THROUGH it !
And a pole table … what do you think of it ?

73 Luc ON7DQ

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Nice setup provided it’s not windy and your car is quite close. I like the attention to detail with the SOTA colours!

That is the height of luxury Luc. It reminds me of my first activation back in 2006 when I activated Walbury Hill G/SE-001. I took two seats - one for me and one for the rig. Now the seat I use is just a small pad to sit on and the rig stays inside my backpack. The use of an umbrella is quite a good idea and a number of activators use one, including myself on occasion. Unfortunately windy summits usually make them a liability.

All the best for the remainder of your tour. Hope that you manage the 10 required for the award.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Umbrellas are such a joy but sadly the wind makes them infeasible on most GM summits. I have used one on Mount Eagle NS-151 on a very still but wet day and also on Sharp Haw G/NP-029 & Krzyzna Góra SP/SZ-010. But normally just too windy.

Hello everyone,

I got safely back home in Ostend at 20:45 local time on Sunday evening.
Nailed the 10 years ON SOTA Award , and made 211 qso’s in total (average 17.5 per summit), a little less than I would have wanted, but failure to find a connection with my cellphone made selfspotting impossible and so had to resort to CW only on some summits …
Still glad that I made it, thanks to the chasers for all the calls.
Will put a full report on my blog and in the April Newsletter as soon as I find the time.
73 - Luc ON7DQ