ON7DQ Sota Tour ON/LX

Hi all,

since the weather looks promising for this weekend and into next week, I quickly planned another 4 day SOTA tour, hoping to activate most of the ON summits I “forgot” … and do the four LX summits as well. I will put alerts as soon as I figured out the approximate times …

I’d like to visit these summits :
ON/ON-018 A la Plate
ON/ON-019 Bois de Javingue
ON/ON-004 Bois de Hazeille
ON/ON-017 Bois Haut

LX/LX-003 Kiirchbesch
LX/LX-001 Steekammchen

LX/LX-004 Widderbierg
LX/LX-002 Grengenwald

ON/ON-016 Les Aisances
ON/ON-006 La Croix Scaille
F/NO-047 Moulin de Thilay
ON/ON-021 Plantis de Mesnil

As I did on my last tour , I will do 40 ssb > 40 cw > 20 ssb > 20 cw.
Other bands on request, my link dipole covers 40m to 6m
For the CW ops, I’m just a beginner, so please send ur call QRS and spread up and down 0.5 kHz, I will tune around with RIT and try to pick you up.

Also, I don’t have data on my phone (yet), I can selfspot by sms, but I cannot look at the other spots.If you see a chance for S2S please find me, and for the chasers, please inform me of any activators on the same band as I am operating.

Thanks a lot, and hope to work many of you !


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Dear Luc,

I am planning to do a summit on 6.8., also. Hope, we manage a S2S. On 7.8. I will only operate on 2 m SSB during the BBT - so S2S will be quite hard, but possible in principle.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

Ok Michael (and any other VHF fans …),
I will take the FT857D and a 4 element logperiodic, and should be on LX/LX003 Kiirchbesch at 09:00, so enough time to do my HF activation and then try some 2m SSB at 09:30 or somewhat later (the contest runs 09:30-12:00 UTC for 144 MHz)

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Great stuff Luc - I will be active from Northern Ireland in the GI/MM area this Sunday, Monday and Tuesday - most likely on HF if the weather is dry enough, 2m FM also will be used.

73 de Phil G4OBK

Wow, this would really be fun. Thanks already for your effort and hope to catch you this weekend.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

Hi Luc
Can’t hear you at all on 40m from ON-017.
Will be listening out for you on 2m SSB when you’re on LX-003. Enjoy the activation.
73, Phil ON4TA

Yes Phil,
weird conditions these days … but I had a good day, found all 4 summits (hi) as planned, and had plenty of qso’s in phone and cw
Only some people didn’t hear me on 40m where they should … and then heard me on 20m where they shouldn’t …
LX-003 tomorrow first HF, then 2m ssb, I’ll try to be as close as possible to 144.325
73 Luc ON7DQ

Dr OM Luc,
Tuesday 9/8/16 I have planned to activate our ‘new’ summit PA/PA-006 Signaal Imbosch. I hope to be QRV around 11:30z. QRG’s 7.032, 10.118 and 14.062. My friend Frank PC7C will be QRV on 7.118 and 14.285 in SSB from around 08:00z on the same location.
We hope to work you Luc!
vy 73 de geert pa7zee

Just got safely home.
Tnx to all chasers and activators that I could log during this 4 day tour, it was great fun !
73 Luc ON7DQ

Dr OM Luc,
Today we managed to work S2S. You on F/NO-047 and I on PA/PA-006. Many thanks for your effort to copy my weak sigs. The first attempt was not succesfull and when I checked the voltage of my battery pack, I found out that new batteries needed to be inserted wich I did.
Finally you came back again and …YES it worked!
Above the S2S it was for me also a complete.
Thanks again Luc and vy 73 de geert pa7zee.

Glad it worked out ok Geert, you were the lucky winner, hi !
Sorry for DD5LP and DB7MM that the VHF contacts didn’t work, and for John DK9JC that I couldn’t work you on ON-004.
Here one of the 200+ pictures I took on this trip. This is the bench that Phil, G4OBK missed on LX-002. It was certainly more comfortable than sitting on the ground ! hi

73 de Luc ON7DQ