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Luc, congrats and enjoy milk & cheese from your new goat on your next summits! :deer:

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


Congrats Luc
Karel ON4FI


Many congratulations Luc. Fitting that it was on the highest summit in the home country! All the best for the next 1000 points and beyond. :smile:

73, Gerald G4OIG


Hi All,

Thanks for all the nice words.
And thanks for all the contacts with chasers and other activators, I couldn’t have done it without you !

The last sprint to MG was a bit more difficult than I expected.
It was the fourth time I did this “winter tour” of the highest Belgian summits.
In 2016 I had nothing but snow … In 2017 I had 15°C and sunshine … In 2018 I had lots of rain, and all in the same weekend just before March 15.

And this year ??? I got it all !
Fresh snow on ON/ON-010 and 011, Sun on ON/ON-009, sun AND rain on ON/ON-024, and strong winds on ON/ON-025 and 001.
[NOTE : I didn’t do all the highest summits this time, I had to combine with some lower ones to get to exactly 1000 points , hi]

Here a picture of my improvized “two-umbrellas-and-a-chair” shack in the snow on ON/ON-010. It was snowing when I set it up, but of course, when I took the picture … the snow had stopped !

For my last activation on ON/ON-001 I was not happy to find out I couldn’t get a data connection, but as it seems, one spot did make it to Sotawatch after all.

Halfway my activation I saw my antenna being blown dangerously low … but still could continue my activation, thanks to the autotuner in the KX3.

Another view of the MG actvation, with some “old snow” in the background.
To keep my antenna and UNUN out of the mud , I had to tie everything to my chair.

And did I mention that it was COLD ?

Sorry that I had to keep it short , I had big plans for this activation …
I had a new antenna to try out, I made a new accessory for the KX3 and I had prepared my tablet to make a recording of the whole activation … well, the WX made it impossible , so I left all this extra stuff in the car.

But I will be able to test it one day I’m sure … plans are already made for 3 weeks in EA7 in May/June, and another 10 day trip to Friedrichsafen in June. See you on the summits !

A longer report will appear on my blog when I find the time to write it.

73, Luc - ON7DQ (MG)


Nice bubble wrap technique! Great minds think alike (at least until I get round to buying a polythene shower cap). Congratulations on your first goat.
73 de OE6FEG


Hi Luc,
Congratulation for your mountain goat . Well done. See you at the Sota dinner😀.
Laurent F8CZI


Very nice my friend! 73s


Congratulation Luc on reaching MG.



Congratulations Luc!
You were bound to get there one day.

Gerard - VK2IO


Congratulations! I am having the pleasure of reading some of your activation notes for Missouri summits. Thank you, and hope to be able to chase and get you in the log sometime soon.

73 Paula k9ir


Well Done Luc, you can rest your legs for a short while.
Congratulations, Ken G0FEX


Congratulations Luc!
A pity I completely missed your MG activations.

73 de Michael, DB7MM