ON7DQ on tour again PA/ON

Hello SOTA Friends,

While we finally have some nice weather I planned another short SOTA tour :

Wednesday 31/8
PA/PA-004 Torenberg
PA/PA-005 Galgenberg
PA/PA-006 Signaal Imbosch
I will stay the night in Venlo

Thursday 1/9
ON/ON-029 Terril Ste Barde et Tonne
ON/ON-026 Le Mont d’Henri-Chapelle
ON/ON-009 Iverst
I will stay in Eupen, in the evening I hope to do some straight key CW for the SKSE contest
(see info and rules here : http://skse.m0trn.com/ )
Find me in QRS CW , +/- 7035kHz anywhere between 18:45-21u15u UTC (probably not the whole time). Those interested can monitor this site to see when and where I’m qrv.

Friday 2/9
ON/ON-028 Waterschei , then back home

I will post timing on the alert page asap
CW only if I’m on time.

After this, I only have one summit left (ON/ON-027) to have activated all PA+ON+LX summits this year … better known as the Benelux, hi

73 and hope to hear lots of chasers and S2S calls… I like pile-ups !
(well … not so much in CW, pse send ur call with ample spacing … hi-speed callers just wont get a reply, sorry)

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