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ON7DQ last Benelux summit

Hi all,

I will go to the last summit today (sept 20), to complete my 2016 quest to activate all summits in PA-ON-LX (27 summits in total), yiehaa !.

I will be on ON/ON-027 around 12:30 UTC, setting up two antenna’s this time (if the football field is clear I have a lot of space there) :

  • link dipole as usual, “beaming” E-W)
  • vertical non-resonant (9.15m wire with 9:1 UNUN) + 1 counterpoise 4m long (or should that be “short” ? hi)

Only in SSB , I will ask some stations with a good signal to listen for the vertical and give another report, so please have some patience if everything goes a bit slower than usual … I will have to retune the KX3 each time I switch over.
And don’t despair, I’m not in a hurry , I will stay on the summit all afternoon, and will switch to CW too.

Also as usual , if you want to make me happy … inform me of any S2S on the air at the same time (any band , ssb or cw). If I run off to work those stations, just wait a little, I always try to come back to the same frequency (+/- QRM).

Hope to work you all !

73, Luc - ON7DQ