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ON7DQ Gran Canaria 2018

Hi all,

I’m safe back in Belgium … trying to adapt to the COLD weather here … hi

I made a preliminary report on my blog of my SOTA trip to EA8/GC , Gran Canaria, with a lot of pictures. Text will follow whenever I have time, but I’m leaving on a short trip again this weekend, and then the longer trip to Friedrichshafen is coming up at the end of the month … so not sure when I’m going to do all this writing , hi.

Have fun looking at the pics !

If anyone has an urgent need for info on one of those summits, send me a mail and I’ll send you all my info in a zip file.

to be continued …



Hi Luc,

Thanks for sharing! I look forward to read the full story, but take your time.
See you in Frieha!

73 Heinz

Dr OM Luc,

Tnx for the new route to EA8/GC-022 !
Cu in FN.
73 de geert pa7zee