On the move

Hi everyone long time no see. After having had great plans for the winter bonus season and the chance to get a bag full of activator points everything in my life was turned on its head at the beginning of december. Sadly my wife passed away on the 10th Dec at the tender age of 45 following a massive heart attack. The past 3 months have been difficult but a new job has helped me greatly.

As a result I have decided it is time to move on and will be very soon settling in Kirkcaldy, Fife. I am hoping to be back on the air again as soon as I can acquire some poles to hold up the aerial!! I will also be venturing back up the hills and getting back into my old routine again.

I look forward to working you all again very soon and Robin please remember to point that beam SE now !!! If there are any SOTA chasers activators in Fife please make yourselves known so we can get together.

73 Glyn GM4CFS

Hi Glyn I’m sorry to hear that you XYL passed away and I hope to hear you in the hills again. Lots of hills up there with zero activations you could possibly do.

Jimmy M3EYP

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I was sorry to read your sad news.

I hope that your forthcoming move will be a success and look forward to working you on a SOTA summit in the summer.

With best wishes


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Hello Glyn,

Sorry to read your sad news.

But as you say “On the move” so I aime look forward to working you on a day on a SOTA summit, maybe summmit to summit !

Regards, 73


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I am very sorry to read about your sad news. Good luck in your new job and I hope to work you on a summit soon.

Roger MW0IDX

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Glyn, I’m sorry to hear your sad news. Best of luck with your new job. I look forward to working you again in the not to distant future.



I add my deepest condolences to those of my son and friends above. I do hope that the hills and the radio can offer some small degree of comfort as well as your new job.

All the best,


Our deepest condolences Glyn. Although we only met the once Helen and I have very fond memories of you and Susan and the fine spread she had waiting for us when we visited you in Stirling.

Best of luck in the new job. I hope Kirkcaldy is a good place to start again and you will soon be calling it home.

I look forward to hearing you on the hills again soon.

Best wishes Steve and Helen GW7AAV & GW7AAU

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So sorry to hear your sad news - my deepest condolences to you.

When you are ready for it, the kingdom has a pleasant selection of SOTA summits, most of which have only been activated on VHF so could be in much demand for their unique value on HF, albeit that apart from SS-154 they are all one pointers - nevertheless I enjoyed them all.

I’ll be in the kingdom this weekend and if I can successfully unload the XYL & 3rd harmonic for some retail therapy, I may manage to make it to the local emporium, so if you are QRV 2fm, will give you a call en route.

I hope everything will work out for you well in the new QTH & job and allow you to move on.
73 jim

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That’s terrible news. We none of us know what’s around the corner. Thoughts & sympathies from me. I hope you will be successful in your activating of that nice area and it will help to distract you if only a little.