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On the bands Tuesday 12/07/16

For a change here’s a chasers report :slight_smile:

What an interesting day chasing Sotas especially in EI Ireland :grinning:

EI/IN-76 & 31
EI/IS-94 & 92 ON 40M

Bar the EI/IS-071 to which was caught on 20m at 520km Short Es that lasted for about 10 minutes, even quickly worked one of her chasers MI1AIB putting in super fine signal this side (Hi Paul)

By way, the accent to the shack was concluded in fine dry weather and wind was little providing my working conditions with 10w from the FT450AT via the MFJ949D to the Home made full wave 40m loop :wink:

Karl M3FEH

…Cornish I presume?

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Auto-correct is a butch! :wink:

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