ON/ON-030 why still not activated?

Actually, I find this strange that a slag heap is a summit, there are a few in France which are not, for example, Terril 81 at Lens which can be seen from the Vimy Ridge memorial

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Prominence and natural recovery turning it from a spoil heap to what looks like a natural feature.

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So Silverhill in Nottinghamshire could fit the criteria then? Silverhill, Nottinghamshire - Wikipedia

If you look on this Wikipedia page for Silverhill in Nottinghamshire, you will see that this only has a promience of 62m so therefore would not quailfy as a SOTA summit. In England (G), the minimum promience that a hill must have to qualify as a SOTA summit is 150m.

Jimmy M0HGY
G - Association Manager

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Tbh I missed that bit was looking more at the OS to see what was around it

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I suppose what we need here is input from the Association Manager Peter Preud’homme, ON4UP? I take it he will have inputted it in the Summit List??

Yes, we have a slag heap summit in Britain too. Hensbarrow Down G/DC-008. The slag heap composed of the remnants from China Clay excavation nearby is well above the original top. The trig point is well below it. Activated by me one time in January 2019 with Geoff @M0PYG in tow who I met in Bristol on the way down. He forgot the VHF antenna so the only guy we worked with the rubber ducky on 2m was Don G0RQL. The intention was to use HF anyway, so no problem qualifying it after the long trek darn saaarth… 25 HF QSOs logged.

73 Phil G4OBK


I remember several years ago the MT had a long email debate before deciding that spoil heaps would be valid for SOTA if they (a) met the prominence qualification, and (b) were covered in vegetation. Vegetation indicates long term stability, and gives resistance to weathering, a vegetated spoil heap is likely to be as permanent a feature as a volcanic cinder cone and we have included a number of those in volcanic areas!

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“I suppose what we need here is input from the Association Manager Peter Preud’homme, ON4UP? I take it he will have inputted it in the Summit List??”

Peter was the first person to reply on this thread, Tony.

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I went there twice to see.

There is no path to the top, and the whole heap is probably on private property. The only path visible from the road is clearly marked “no entry”.

I met a local lady who was walking her dog, and she told me that she had climbed it once about 30 years ago, but had never done it again, because the ground was unstable, and because she had had trouble with her parents on her way home with her shoes and clothes full of coal dust.

I wouldn’t recommend trying it alone or without proper gear to make sure you don’t hurt yourself while slipping.


A perfect example is DM/NW-134, which, according to Wikipedia ( Sophienhöhe - Wikipedia ) is " the largest artificial hill worldwide, created by surface mining at [an] open cast lignite mine"

Okay, that’s a clear answer. If there is a sign “no entry”.
Thanks for the info.

Well, the thing is quite big, and one could climb from another side…

But I won’t be the first :slight_smile:

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Yes , but all he said was “Good Question” ??


When there is nothing more to say …

Hereby I invite you to visit ON and even more activate ON/ON-030. I am looking forward to your activation report.

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We all are :slight_smile:


ScreenHunter 853

Well known Belgian SOTA Activator and Association Manager is known for his generosity… Peter bought me and Nick G4OOE a beer in Bastogne.

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Another generous and well known Belgian Activator, who is known for his generosity. Chris gave Nick G4OOE and I a lovely box of lovely Belgian chocs when we visited and activated together.

I recommend Belgium for SOTA. The chips in the Friterie’s are lovely too!

73 Phil G4OBK


And the beer. Don’t forget the beer!

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Oh yes oh yes, Belgian Beer.

I remember the local groundsman white lining the football pitch in the goalmouth from where I was activating ON/ON-027 Pottelberg. His English was as good as my Belgian, however the common denominator was when he mentioned Belgian Beer and then kept repeating it as he went about his work!

ScreenHunter 855

73 Phil


It’s activated.
You can see First activation ON/ON-030 here how.