Oh dear this has got slightly out of hand today.

Well done to ON/4UP/p for handling it so well.

Please this is NOT CB mode but ham mode and some peoples just not Listening and calling when activator is talking to a chaser not far from me and some others too.

Thinks I sit quiet till it quietens down then call in.
And bingo in there no hassle

By way is this summit back on the list again as one of the operator mentioned on air could this be verified please


When in doubt, check the database…

Yes ON/ON-009 is re-listed from today. You can work it but not log it just yet until SOTA database and ARM are re-loaded in the next few days or so. Please be patient.
Well done and thanks Peter ON4UP/p for activating today. It will count for scoring.

Very very true and its not listed but what made it questionable was the operator mentioned it’s back on list as from today.

Mind you this could have been a very good April fool on a lot of us. But the chaos it created was unreal. In my rule work it first, check it out afterwards.
But also interesting to compare me 40mb loop to the vert 1/4 40mb portable antennas i have up in garden today.

The loop better ears and heard lot site less noise floor too :smile:

So half a duck so far today :smile:


Thank you for a very straight forwards reply.
But the chaos was a bit much.

Big thanks again


Logged it straight away and the database accepted it ???

Worked the summit early in the activation (Franz) and avoided the chaos


Have another look (at the database, not sotawatch).

YEAH right Dave :grinning:

Logged mine in rest of DB not caught up yet

Oh my 2k finally reached, the one i wanted yesssssssssssssss

2000 ON/ON-009 (Iverst) 1 01/Apr/2016

Well happy bunny


Sussed it, thank you for the advise, penny dropped a couple miles prior to it going ting LOL


Good man - any room left on the wall for the certificates :smile:


Dave thanks for that.

Not got any as yet due to lack of funds tend to spend more building up a better station and portable, it kinda takes a back seat at moment. BUT one day would like to put in for it
Once the stations is bettered, trouble is station is never bettered, am always for looking ways to do it better.

At this rate better win the lotto to fund me awards and certs :slight_smile: let alone more radio related gear :flushed:


Morning all

Hopefully my Completed all Belgium SOTA Summits Award No. 2 is still valid. It looks like we are in for another trip to Belgium now as well, due to the relist… Good job I like it there! Unfortunately I was out this morning when Peter and Franz did their activation… : :pensive:

73 Phil


3 year ago, on the 1st of April 2013, I encountered a simmilar situation when Franz ON9CBQ, Walter ON7PX and I activated ON/ON-028 on the first day it became valid: the summit was not yet in Sotawatch and it was the 1st of April …

@2E0FEH Congrats Karl! I am happy I could help a little to increase your score. Always a pleasure to hear you!

@G4OBK as you know, you are always welcome in ON Phill and bye the way, your #2 certificate remains valid :wink:

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