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Ole Buck Mountain VE6/RA-030

Not much to say…
If there was a trail I did not find it. I bushwhacked most of the way following animal foot prints in the snow, squeezing between trees. Again I carried my snow shoes but the 12 inches was crusty enough. I was glad that I had my GPS with me & fresh batteries as you can’t see much with the tree cover even at the top.
I used x20 Counterpoise radials for 20m and x1 radial for 40m today.

Thanks everybody for your patience
w0mna 2017 Km Txs Gary
k6ilm 1598 Km Txs Tim 4th S2S
ae4fz 3392 Km Txs Charles
wa2usa/p4 2600 Km Txs Dennis
kg3w 2869 Km Txs Scott
kc3rt 2910 Km Txs Gene
w4rk 2247 Km Txs Vernon
n4ex 3325 Km Txs Richard
w4zv 3251 Km Txs William
n7un 3252 Km Txs Guy
n1eu 3211 Km Txs Bary
va2sg 3104 Km Txs JP
n5yyx 2083 Km Txs James
NS7P 1004 Km Txs Phil
ve7cv 388 Km Txs Peter 1st 40m QSO

I am not sure if this would be better in summer as this area has a number of black & grizzly bears, fortunately for me they were sleeping.

In reply to VA6MCB:
The roll continues!!! Congrats agn Walker! Glad to see you made a “local” VE7 QSO on 40M and that J.P. made the trip agn from Q.C.! As usual I was working out of town…sigh…some day I’ll get to give you an “RF” hello!


Hi Walker,not sure how well you heard me if at all but you were just workable in the s/west of the uk but taken out with a lot of qsb,hope to catch up on the next one.73 Don.G0RQL.

In reply to G0RQL: Don I only got a partial call sign G?RQL with no signal report or confirm. I definitively heard your British accent asking for a signal report, you were 5-8 briefly. I called CQ DX a few times but you disappeared… I was running 8 watts on a KX3