OL8CX - Hamradio Bike Expedition Orlicke Hory 2010

Like every Year, our Hamradio outfit start 30.7.2010 new section of bike expedition arround Czech Republic :slight_smile:

This Year we drive over Orlicke Hory mountains (north part of Czech).

Working QRG’s:
145.550 MHz view towers
7.032 MHz - SOTA hills (prefered band, maybye 10 or 14 MHz)
3.530 – 3.570 MHz in diploma CW
3.730 – 3.770 MHz in diploma SSB

For CW diploma, we start call every new hour, for SSB late in this same hour. We will work on all bands, exception 160m.

Activity times:
morning between 5:30 – 8:15 local time
evening between 17:00 – 22:15 local time, maybye longer :smiley:

We will visit this places:
30.7. morning……Králíky
31.7. morning……Králíky…evening……Mladkov
1.8. morning……Mladkov…evening……Serlich
2.8. morning……Serlich…evening……Náchod
3.8. morning……Náchod…evening……Broumov
4.8. morning……Broumov…evening……Trutnov
5.8. morning……Trutnov…evening……Cerná Hora
6.8. morning……Cerná Hora…evening……Horní Malá Úpa
7.8. morning……Horní Malá Úpa…evening……Horní Malá Úpa
8.8. morning……Horní Malá Úpa

In saturday 7.8.2010 we plan activate Snezka hill in VHF QRP contest.
On our trip we visit many view towers and SOTA hills.

View towers:
Val, Suchý vrch, Velká Destná, Dobrosov, Cerná hora, Sibeník

SOTA Hills:
SuchĂ˝ Vrch OK/PA-003 ,StudenĂ˝ OK/PA-007, AnenskĂ˝ vrch OK/OK/KR-012,
Komárí vrch OK/KR-013, Strední vrch OK/KR-070, Velká Destná KR-007,
Ĺ erlich OK/KR-069, PolomskĂ˝ kopec OK/KR-068, VrchmezĂ­ OK/KR-010,
Dobrošov OK/KR-079, Bozanovský Spicák OK/KR-017, Prední Hradiste OK/KR-021,
Zaltman OK/KR-019, Pekelský vrch OK/KR-035, Zlatá vyhlídka OK/KR-073,
Cerná Hora OK/KR-005, Liscí Hora OK/KR-004, Lysecínská Hora OK/KR-067,
and last Snezka OK/KR-001.


We wait on Your signals! VY 73 ES TNX

More info ABT Expedition or Diploma You find here:

We are sorry, but new informations on this pages are only in Czech language, we working on English, German and French version… :slight_smile:

PLS excuse me poor english :slight_smile: In behalf OL8CX, Petr OK1IN

In reply to OK1IN:
Expedition is here. We start this saturday from Kraliky town. In first day we visit SOTA SuchĂ˝ vrch PA-003 (8p), StudenĂ˝ PA-007 (6p), Adam PA-034 (6p). We have mobile Inet connections and new infos on next day will be here every evening :slight_smile:
73! Petr

In reply to OK1IN:

Ahoj Petr!

Congrats on your activation which is already a big success!

Vy73 diky de Fritz HB9CSA,DL4FDM

In reply to DL4FDM:
Hi Fritz,

Have you heard them since the first day?

Have been listening, but nothing heard since then…

73 Kevin

In reply to G0NUP:

Hi Kevin,

nothing here as well, last QSOs were on Monday.

Vy73 de Fritz

In reply to DL4FDM:

OL8CX/P from OK/KR-073 now QRV! ( 05/08/2010 12:45 UTC ) Good signal in Budapest!

In reply to HA5TI:

No signal in Northern UK… waiting for improvement might hear him at 1530

Kevin G0NUP

In reply to HA5TI:

Szia Pista,

tnx fb info! OL8CX/p is zero at the moment,
maybe beter later. Vy QRN because of most pleasent
summer weather in DL…hi

PS. Is it possible that we have met on
a CW-Meeting (HSC) in BĂĽdingen around 1983 ?

AWDH,vy73 de Fritz

In reply to DL4FDM:

Hallo lieber Fritz!

Ich habe noch OL8CX/P am 12:15 gearbaitet. Dan haben die Jungs Operator gewechselt, OK1DXK/P dan OK1FRT/P war QRV!

Die Jungs sind noch bis zum Wochenede unterwegs! Viel GlĂĽck fĂĽr den Jagd auf OL8CX/P!

                             73  DX   Pista  HA5TI

Ps.: Ja, es ist möglich! Ich bin mit DF3MI, DJ4TV aus München in Büdingen auf HSC Treffen gewesen! Es war 1984, glaube ich!

In reply to HA5TI:

Szia Pista,

Ja, es ist möglich! Ich bin mit DF3MI, DJ4TV aus München
in BĂĽdingen auf HSC Treffen gewesen! Es war 1984, glaube ich!

Also hatte ich es in richtiger Erinnerung.
Ich kann mich an den jungen Mann aus Ungarn erinnern :slight_smile:
Hatte gestern Bilder aus BĂĽdingen in der Hand und
mit Kurt, DF3MI hatte ich erst kĂĽrzlich ein QSO.

Vy73 Fritz

In reply to OK1IN:
Expedition is now on Cerna Hora hill OK/KR-005 (10p), in next 2 days we have activate this summits:
Liscí Hora OK/KR-004 (10p), Lysecinská Hora OK/KR-067 (10b), Snezka OK/KR-001 (10b), Zadni Planina OK/KR-065 (10b), Tabule OK/KR-066 (10b), Lucní hora OK/KR-002 (10b)
All is dependence on local weather conditions.
73! Petr OK1IN

In reply to OL8CX:
Weather on top hills is still too bad - fog and rain :frowning: We wait for better conditions…

In reply to OL8CX:
Actual WX: Fog, Storm, Heavy rain… But 2 heroes goes up to Snezka hill for SOTA activations :smiley: They have Rigs for 40m and 30m

In reply to OL8CX:
Hi all! Expedition is closed :slight_smile: Many TNX for all QSO’s, se You in next expedition "OL9CX - Krkonose 2011"
73! Petr OK1IN

In reply to OL8CX:

Hi Petr!

Thank you for the QSO-s!

Congratulations to the tour! Next year, i hope so, we meet again!

                      73  DX   Pista  HA5TI