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OK8CDX-OK8VM Tour 01 May Weds start


As you posted the rain / QRT note, it was throwing it down here and I stood watching over a centimetre of ice pile up on the window cill. Then the sun came out! I’ll send you some for tomorrow - sun that is, not ice! :grinning:

Pity I didn’t make it with you on 40m today, but I got one in with Victor on 30m. :grinning:

73 to you both, Gerald

P.S. now you see why my rig rarely comes out of the backpack!


You should do better today Gerald, the weather looks to be improving (1c now near Chotebor) and its likely we will have a dry day, although it will be wet where we will be sitting hunched up on the ground I’m sure.

Leaving here in about an hours time, and going north today from our castle for the first time. We think we may meet up with Jarek SP9MA somewhere in the day. Our running order is expected to be this - if we run short of time or the weather turns bad it will again be cut short:

VY-037 > VY-039 > PA-036 > PA-040 > PA-015 > PA-017 > PA-039 > PA-038 >VY-072.

40m CW/SSB for me and 30m CW for Victor, with a possibility of 20m also. There should be over 200 QSOs made today we hope - yesterday from the 4 summits activated we made 114 QSOs between us working “contest style” to maximise the number of contacts. Sorry if I cannot remember all the chasers names, and on the last summit yesterday it was so wet to maximize the rate, I didn’t send any names or pleasantries at all. I hope chasers understand the activators actions hihi

See you on the radio later I hope, one and all

73 Phil


Good Luck Phil (and Victor) - The expected snow didn’t arrive here overnight, so hopefully your weather will be better than expected as well.

73 Ed.



It was cold, but no snow, wind chill and temp around 6c all day so I appreciated the very nice long hot shower when we got back to the Castle at 6.30pm local time.

10 summits activated, none more than 500m walk from the parking places. We made 222 QSOs between us, and we met Jarek SP9MA in OK/PA-036. On top of our meeting with Jarek it was an interesting day in many ways, in particular visiting a 1 Kw VHF Contest station on the summit of OK/VY-037. We had a guided tour of the station in the midst of the contest whilst the operator was working Italian stations on the 2m Band. I’ll write about in my blog later.

Here is a pic of Victor, Phil & Jarek (SP9MA) this morning on PA-036. We operated our stations as we do, about 200m apart in the woods and then Jarek stole Victors place when we left for PA-040!

73 and see you all tomorrow (unless you have to go to the saltmine) from the JC region…




thanks for all the QSO’s last days. Always nice to work you. Vy hard signals, except today from OK/PA-038. But it worked.
Good luck and maybe I will work you in the early morning. Before or after work :frowning:
Have fun and enjoy ! Nice OK/Tour !

73 Tonnie, de PA9CW.


Phil & Victor, thank you for nice meeting, everything was promptly without any delay :smiley:
Next time we need to arrange may be dinner together to have more time to talk :wink:
Congratulations to you both of your today’s score ! Chapeau bas !
Thanks for S2S with Victor from my PA-035 :wink:
All the best to you both !

73, Jarek SP9MA

Does every SOTA OM have glasses ? :smiley:


Well done and thanks for all your activations. Will be chasing again in the morning.
Mike 2E0ESY


FB Mike, Jarek and Tonnie and all Chasers

Todays running order is likely to be:

ST-012 > VY-013 > JC-060 > JC-076 > VY-015 > VY-043.

Tomorrow we leave Rozochatec Castle and head north west in the direction of Prague. We will stay Tuesday night in Vlasim in the OK/ST area, which means on Wednesday morning before we go to the airport we can activate 3 or 4 summits and then visit the KFC, petrol station and car wash on the outskirts of the city before handing the hire car in.

73 Phil


Very late start today. We don’t expect to reach ST-012 now until around 0900-0930z. Please disregard the alert time.

73 Phil


We should be active on ST-012 at around 0930z

73 Phil


After a late start we got underway yesterday on a cold day activating in three OK areas (JC, ST and VY) to the south of where we stay near Chotebor. Again condx were not so good on 20m - I was able to work 4 stations in CW from OK/JC-084 - SA4BLM, SM4CJM, LA8BCA and SV2HSZ. On SSB there were no takers on 20m so I reverted to the 40m band for the other 6 summits, working mainly German, Swiss, French and Benelux stations with a few Scandinavian also. The occasional UK station such as G0VWP, M0BKV, G4OOE and 2E0ESY were also worked on 40m, but generally with less than 10 watts my signal falls short of reaching the UK from Czech Republic. Victor had more success reaching out further and working UK more consistently on the 30m band as we expected.

Today we leave our hotel and spend tonight nearer to Prague. So we move north west activating on the way. The target list being: OK/PA-031 > ST-093 > ST-094 > ST-091 > ST-090 > ST-101. Like yesterday the list is subject to change depending on road closures and time available, but we will activate more if we can.

Tomorrow we have a half day of action before going to the airport.

Here we are unshaven on OK/VY-015 yesterday mid afternoon:

73 Phil & Victor


Thanks to you Phil & Victor for the s2s day.
Signals on 40 m was hard, really easier on 30 m between our QTH.
73 QRO


Nice one Roger! Well done. Nice outdoor shack for sure…

Just reached hotel in Vlasim for our final night.

3 or 4 summits tmw to finish the job.

73 Phil


Good Morning,

Today the running order will be:

OK-ST-041 > ST-042 > ST-044 > ST-035 and then the airport andhead back to England.

The sky is clear, I think we will enjoy a good day. We leave the hotel in Vlasim in one hours time.

73 Phil & Victor


Good luck with the last day guys.
Yesterday here was the best day of the week - sunny all day and actually warm in the afternoon, so I guess you will get that weather today - enjoy!

73 Ed.

P.S. I’ll take a listen for you from my SOTA summit just before lunchtime - who knows, getting out portable may give me more NVIS possibilities.


Thanks guys for all the fun you’ve provided in your OK tour.
OK summits are definitely out of reach on 40m for my QTH in EA2 land with endfed antenna in the balcony, but 30m worked, it worked a bit tough with QSB and borderline sometimes but enough to have successfully logged all of the 4 summits you’ve activated today and 8 more the previous days. Thank you so much Victor for activating on 30m.
Have a good return home and a well deserved rest. You may need some holidays to recover from your holidays :wink:



Hi Phil & Victor, hat down :slight_smile:
What a fabulous big OK tour for our greatest joy !!
66 QSO’s VM 39 and CDX 27
30m was always the better for me, and I know Victor buy a new frequency on this band :slight_smile: . only 1 qso on SSB, with Phil, CW queen of mode.
You give me 24 news uniques summits
Was great, hope you a good home return and like Guru @EA2IF said, a quiet few days to recover.
73 Eric F5JKK


Phil and Victor.

Thanks for all the summits. I’m afraid Phil as I was not hearing you that Victor on cw was my favoured chase with an s2s thrown in for good measure on one day. Thank you both and have a nice flight home.

73 Allan GW4VPX


Thank you, Victor an Phil, a great effort rewarded by hundreds of QSOs. You have made a lot of chasers happy!
73’s de Fabio IK2LEY


Hi everyone, I’m now waiting to board the aircraft at Prague. Thanks to all the chasers without whom it wouldn’t have been possible to get so many successful activations. A big thank you to Phil for the expert planning and navigation.
All in all a very enjoyable expedition.

73 Victor OK8VM But soon to be EA6/G4ONL/P from EA6/MA from 17th May for 9 days. See you on the bands.