OK1DVM Summit to Summit Trophy

Congrats to Miro, OK1DVM, who earned an S2S trophy yesterday with crushing style…100 points in a single day. Will anyone ever match that daily total in the S2S program?? He started Sota climbing less than two years ago, as well. No telling what he will do next. Seven summits in one day? Pffft, already did that several times.

Elliott, K6ILM
Not a 100 guy

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Congrats to Miro also!
My score yesterday was 21 s2s (109 points) but unfortunately I don’t know what an s2s trophy is ;-((
73 es gl, Heinz HB9BCB

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Welcome to the Iron Bottom Meritocracy, Heinz. Your 109 s2s points were done in 4 hours, all from a single 2 point hill. That means you collected 107 points from stations you chased in that one sitting…a tedious thing to do from a home kilowatt and beyond difficult with very low power on a summit.
The s2s trophy is available at the 1,000 point level, just as all the other trophies, according to GM4TOE in the May Newsletter. You’ll be there in no time.
Elliott, K6ILM
IBM Guy #1

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Thanks for clarification, Elliott.
Heinz, HB9BCB
KX3 Guy …

ahoj Miro,
Gratulujeme, fantastické práce
hezký den.
Darius M0KCB

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…100 points in a single day. Will anyone ever match
that daily total in the S2S program??

SOTA summit QSOs: 48 (including dupes)
Unique SOTA summits: 37 (including 12 Europeans)
Total SOTA points: 149 (including 6 Activation points)


HOWEVER, this was with the benefit of added activity created by the QRPTTF event on 27 April. IMHO this demonstrates the benefit of many SOTA activations on the same date.

Any ideas how do to this on a regular basis? Could we designate one Saturday (the highest participation day) each month (e.g. first Saturday) for a special S2S day?

Congratulations to Miro who is consistently one of the easiest Europeans to work no matter where he operates from!

73, Bill W4ZV

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Thanks for the congratulations and the nice words.
Hope to meet you all during the Harz Mountains expedetion from 21st to 23rd May