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OK1DIG/P now here

I think some confusion arose this morning on 30m. Dan was originally spotted as being on 10120.0, and a lot of regular chasers worked the station operating there. Unfortunately it was HF20WW who wasn’t sending his own callsign too often. In fact, Roy updated Dan’s frequency at 09:12 to the correct -

OK1DIG/P on OK/KR-012
10.120.4 cw
Dan now here(Posted by G4SSH)

However, I heard a number of regular SOTA chasers have QSOs with the Polish station, presumably believing it was Dan that they worked. So, if that * does not appear against your chase, you know why!

73 de Les, GO3VQO

In reply to G3VQO:
Yes, I made the same mistake. But I heard him sending his call.