OK/ST-040 HF all band activation

today I have activated OK/ST-040 with the goal
to work on all HF bands. The setup was KX3 with
the magnetic loop antenna ( 40 to 10m ) and LW
52m ( 160 and 80m ). I managed to work total of 77 QSO’s
160m : 22 QSO’s
80m : 10 QSO’s
40m : 23 QSO’s
30m : 6 QSO’s
20m : 11 QSO’s
17m : 2 QSO’s
15m : 1 QSO
12m : 1 QSO
10m : 1 QSO
The conditions on higher bands were good, but no chasers
there, though the RBN reports were good.
G4SSH made it 4 time to my log - thanks Roy. Many others
3 times. 160m setup performs well to my surprise, I hope to
stay longer on the summit to work more contacts,
but the darkness and cold makes it rather difficult.
In the future I intend to be QRV on all bands during my activations.
Thanks to everybody who called and CU from the next summit.

73’s Dan / OK1DIG

In reply to OK1DIG:
Hello Dan! Thanks for the contacts on 80 and 160 m! Hope to work you soon again!


In reply to OK1DIG:

Congratulations Dan on 22 QSO’s on Top Band, that is a superb total.

I was hoping to be home from work in time you listen for you on 160m but you were already QRV while I was still stuck in the office.

I loom forward to your next 160m activation.

Thanks & best 73,

Mark G0VOF

In reply to G0VOF:
Thanks Mark,
the next chance is today 12th Jan. I will be QRV from OK/US-027.
I will be QRV on all bands before reasonable propagation on 160m
starts. Check the SPOTS of RBN or I will spot myself if there is
internet acess from the summit. The expected time for 160m activity
is from 15 UTC and I will try to stay as long as possible if weather

CU on TOP band from SOTA

Dan / OK1DIG