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OK SOTA Marathon 2018

Dear friends,
The fifth edition of the SOTA Marathon will take place this year in OK/KR between 13th and 18th of August. Will have another international edition, with activators from YO, G, SV, HB9, PA and OK hiking together. We plan to work 14 summits with an amount of 134 points to be collected. All the summits are 8 or 10 points ranked.
Chasers are invited to work us and if there are activators interested to join us, please contact me a.s.a.p.
73 de YO2MSB Sorin


Margreet and I have already registered for the event and we are looking forward to visiting the Eagle Mountains.

73, Hans PB2T and Margreet K2XYL

Glad to have you both again in the team! :slightly_smiling_face:

73 de YO2MSB

There is only one week until the beginning of the Fifth Edition of the SOTA Marathon and the final preparations are on-going. If there are activators interested for a late registration, I still have a room with two beds available, but only up to Monday, 06th of August. If no one ask for it, I will release the reservation.

A nice surprise was received today from Hans PB2T: he made a distinct web report for this Marathon, available here: https://sotamarathon2018.wordpress.com/ Thank you Hans! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Sorin,

what a shame I cannot join this year, I wish you all the best and lots of fun. If you find yourself in a need for help with Czech just call me!

It turned out we will be in 9A during the Marathon, so we should try for an S2S!

Btw, there are some interesting pre-WW2 underground artilery fortifications right next to where you will be staying:

http://www.hanicka.cz - this is closer

http://www.boudamuseum.com/en/index.php - this has the best tour

(There are at least two more + hundreds of infantry bunkers wherever you go)

Marek, OK1BIL / OE2BLT

Hi Marek,
I am very sorry that you cannot join us, you are a part of the Marathon’s story due to your participation in the 2017 edition. You and your friends from OK will be always welcomed in our team. I will miss this year the occasion to make S2S in 50 MHz. :wink:
Of course we will look for you on SOTAwatch and if you can work in 40m band HF from 9A I’m quite sure we can make a lot of S2S. Maybe we can try also in 2m band as done before from Friedrichshafen. The distance is not small, but I remember my first SOTA activation back in 2011 in OE near Salzburg doing S2S with activators from S5 in 2m band - 250 km with 5W and no problem to copy them 59.
Thanks for the tips about historical places, going in SOTA is always a good occasion to improve our knowledge.
Well, wish you a very successful trip to 9A and Good Activations! See you soon in the bands!

A perfect intro for the places we will visit next week:

A nice find this short video Sorin - fabulous views of Masaryk’s Chata and the summit of OK/KR-069 Serlich. Sorry I cannot join you next week. I will be activating in OK/ST and OK/LI Liberec Area in September.

73 Phil

Tnx Phil,
This video really inspired me and I’m more than happy to be there in OK with old friends but also with a group of four newcomers interested for a complete SOTA training. After this Marathon I will count 25 YO activators inoculated with the SOTA virus by me. What a SOTA terrorist I am! :sunglasses:
Well, I wish you could come with us, but it will be my pleasure to register you as a member of the team for the next Marathons. Until then, hope to be chased by you, most of the summits will be 10 or 8 points ranked.
73 Sorin

Final plans are ready now and the maps were printed. After some days of different maps study I am able to propose now to the team 17 summits with an amount of 152 points to be earned.

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Reminder for chasers: in just two days the Fifth SOTA Marathon will be QRV from OK/KR. Look for our postings on SOTAwatch!

  • I spoke with my colleagues and I hope that we will be able to meet you. Which hotel you’re staying in, where you find appropriate. Mirek OK3UQ

Mirek, I think Sorin and Zoli are already on their way. We will be staying in Masarykova Chata.
CU soon, Hans PB2T (OK8BT)

It was not Sorin’s lucky day. Near Bratislava his car broke down. An easy repair was not possible, so Sorin decided to have him and his car transported back to Timisoara. The second Romanian team picked up Zoli YO2BP and arrived at the lodge around 21h30. After a welcome drink it started to rain and we decided to go to sleep.

On Tuesday morning the rain was over. It’s still cloudy, but our team with HB9DST Paul, K2XYL Margreet, PB2T Hans, YO2BP Zoli, YO8RMJ Adrian, YO8XRB Bogdan and Andreea and YO8RFG Irinel are ready for the first four or five summits, carefully following Sorin’s plan.

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Thanks Hans and Zoli for S2S today (g/sc-004). SSB was a struggle - big big qsb and then qrm.

Dear Friends, i see You plan visit SOTA OK/PA-023 - Andrluv chlum - on Sunday. Whitch time do You plan to be there? My QTH is Usti nad Orlici (town down Andluv chlum), so at 12 UTC (or later) I am able to meet You on Andrluv chlum, because from 8 to 11 UTC i plan take part in VHF Contest (144 MHz SSB) from my garden here in Usti.
73 de Alex OK1VOF (on VHF) / OK4AS (SW)


  • I’m sorry I forgot to say hello from Eva Theimann HB9FPM I fix it:) And thank you for your warm welcome and meeting you all Mirek

Hi Mirek, thanks for visiting us.

Hans OK8BT


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