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OK/PL-001 and OK/PL-005 activations with only 1W o


I activated on Sunday two nice summits OK/PL-001 and OK/PL-005. Normally I’m using 5W output power using my FT-817 and as powersource 12V lead acid accu. But this time I had problem with the cable for the external battery, it was possible to use only the internal batteries inside my FT-817. But accu in my FT-817 is not in good condition, so I switched output to only 1W output power (using SSB). I was surprised, I made without problems 10 and 12 QSO on the summits!

Many thanks to all stations and sorry for limited time on the summits…
73, Pavel

In reply to OK1MCS: Hi Pavel, Congratulate to your activation of the PL001 and PL005. I activated they 14 days ago. It is exploit, especially when is bad weather. I hope on the your next activation I will have more chance to make QSO. 73 Jirka

In reply to OK1DDQ:
Ahoj Pavel!

Congratulations to your persistence and thanks for the QSO from OK/PL-005. (Unfortunately I missed 001 by a few minutes.) Your signal was great as usual, despite of your QRPP set-up!

73: Jóska, HA5CW

In reply to OK1MCS:

Hello Pavel,

Congratulations with only 1W, amazing what can be achieved with little power if other elements like (QRM) do not cause problems.

I was on Javorová skála JC-063 on Saturday afternoon running the usual 10W from the ICOM703 on 20m but was having a horrible time, the QRM from the contest made life very difficult, only managed 5 QSOs in a hour would have stayed longer to try and get at least 10 but the XYL was getting impatient :slight_smile:

I am sorting out my vertical to get on 40m, so perhaps we will have a summit to summit in the not to distant future.