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OH/SL-009 Kiilopää activation and others

Thursday September 24 was a fine day. The Kiilopää summit is quite close to the Fell center. 20 m was open and I got quick reply at 1457 UTC. Then several QSOs before any SOTA chasers found me. I was just going to stop when the pile up started. This was around 19:00 local time or the sun set time. There were a few drops of rain, but most of all I wanted to prepare for the long hike next morning.

First day of hiking was fine with good weather. I started to walk at 9:30 and arrived to first camping place at 18:00. I was a little late from the most optimistic plan, but that was only 3 km or one hour of walk.

Next day wake up at 07:00 or the sun rise time. With the breakfast and dissably of tent and packing I started hiking around 9:15. The day was warm or even hot. I reached Jouhkanaispää 13:30 and took photo of Lupukkapää at 1.5 km distance. The wind was very strong and I was late from the schedule. In addition the forecast promised rain for the afternoon and clouds looked like that. Ok I will do only Sokosti tomorrow and skip this summit. Arrival to Lake Luiro at 18:15.

I spend the night in a fell hut. There is also a smoke sauna, which gave me possibility wash myself. As usual I wake up 07:00 (I did miss the auroras that night). The sky is cloudy and I start walk up to Sokosti. While approaching rain starts with wind. At 560 m about 1 km from the summit I decide to cancel the activation. The summit is inside a cloud. I want to send an SMS to my family, but that fails. In this area the mobile phones work only from the summits. While camping I tried also to listen radio, but no FM stations could be heard.

The rain on Sunday wets a little my boots and clothes, but otherwise it is not a problem. Camping again in a tent now on wet ground. After sun set the stars are visible. The night is going to be cold. The sleeping bag was warm enough so no problem during the night. In the morning the tent is frozen from outside and inside due to condensation. Packing takes a little longer. Monday is dry and sun is sometimes visible. Finally back to Kiilopää on Tuesday morning.

Radio: ATS3B, 8xAA, loop 5 x 14 m, T1 ATU

Map: Koilliskaira 1:100 000

Photos: later

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

Now some photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/oh7bf