OH/MU-002 Ailigas and OH/MU-005 Ahkovarri activati

The weather on May 1st was nice and sunny. I did not not expect too many chasers on this day of celebration - probably the most important carneval for the students in Finland. Thanks to DF5WA and SM6CMU for spotting. There was still snow on the road to Ailigas and skis were useful. These summits belong to the Paistunturit wilderness area next to the border river Teno with Norway.

On Saturday May 2 I wanted to test orienteering and how fast I am on skis in this kind of terrain. Thus I was heading to Guivi 641 m for the first 3 hours. Then I checked from map that it would take too long and turned back to Ahkovarri 557 m. Thanks to HA7UG and LA5SAA for spotting. I gave QRT 16:00 local time, because I had been active already 2 hours and was afraid of possible rain fall.

On Sunday May 3 I was going to Nuvvus Ailegas 535 m, but there was rain with temperature of +3 C in Nuvvus and I cancelled this activation. I could not put alert on it anyway because I did not have internet connection.

APRS: tried

Radio: ATS3B 8xAA lithium cells, T1 ATU, 10 x 4 m loop

Photos: f5vgl | Flickr

Map: Utsjoki Kevo 1:100 000

In reply to OH7BF:

I heard you calling CQ (sat 2nd May) with very strong signal 599+ on 30 m here in Västerås, so I tried to call you, but no copy… But the condx here was quite poor, got only a few contacts in the log that day.

73 / Chris