OH/KU-005 Ruka activation

The Ruka is a popular down hill and cross country ski center with many other activities and several tourist hotels. The local sun rise time today was 10:37 (0837 UTC) and set time 13:33 (1133 UTC). I arrived to the summit at around 11:00. The temperature at hotel was -6 C in morning and -8 C in evening. On the summit chilly wind, so I looked for a shelter. The wind is bending strongly the fishing pole and hands freeze rapidly. At 0941 UTC the 14035 kHz is busy, so I move 1 kHz up. 7032 kHz is busy, but I do not hear who they are working there though the calls are mostly regular SOTA chasers. Also 10116 kHz is busy. Finally I find that I am being called on 14035 kHz. Thanks to S51ZG, who opened the frequency to me. Thanks also to G4SSH, F8BBL and HA7UG for spotting. After the first two QSOs the code cube freezes and I have to exchange the CW key. T1 ATU is working fine at these temperatures, but FT817ND internal batteries seem to loose power. I tried to QSY to 7032 kHz and 10116 kHz, but these frequencies were very busy. 50091 kHz is free and same loop tunes also to that band. Nobody there as expected. Rest of the day down hill ski in these arctic conditions. The sun set is beautiful, though it is not well visible in the photos.

Photos: f5vgl | Flickr

APRS: tried, no coverage here

Radio: FT817ND, T1 ATU, 5 x 10 m loop

Map: Kuusamo Touring Map 1:100 000