OH/KI082 today

Christine and I managed to activate this SOTA summit today by using 17 m SSB. We had alerted for 20 and 40, but the noise level on those bands was above S9, and we could not hear a single readable signal anywhere on those bands.
There is a mast with lots of aerials on it near the summit, and by moving to the north side of the summit to get as far away as possible but within the activation zone, we managed to work a few stations on 17 SSB.
The summit is close to the Swedish border, and there is a road to the parking areas just below the summit area. Easy to get to, but our FT817 even with the bhi DSP filter could not cope with all that RF floating about up there.
Thanks to FMF and DVE for spotting us.

We are travelling north and will try to activate a few more SOTA hills as we progress towards the North Cape.
Now on a campsite at Pajala with 23 deg C and just broken high clouds… real summer weather!
73 Ken

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I listened for you on 17m but nothing heard.

Enjoy the rest of your trip. I hope to work you from another summit.

73 de Mick M0MDA

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I was glad to be able to help with the spotting Ken. There’s nothing worse than being somewhere exotic with no way to attract chaser attention.

Thanks for the pic of Christine standing both inside and outside the Artic Circle at the same time!

Have fun.


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Thanks for the contact today,only just managed to pull Christine out of the noise,only 3/2 in North warwickshire. Thanks again for the unique. Peter M1CNL

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Sorry I missed you both today on 17M but did listen awhile but for me here the band was flat. I could not even hear chasers which is unusual! Perhaps catch you on the next one. 23C!!! Here in East Sussex it is 10C and pouring with rain 8(
Mike G6TUH

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Hi Ken,

Many thanks to both Christine and yourself for taking the time to call me on G/SP-004 from SM/GM-004 on Tuesday. This was my first Swedish S2S contact.

73 Mike

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You have obviously chosen the best direction to head in! Scotland is having an “Four Seasons” weekend; today is Summer, don’t even ask about Monday!!

Will try and keep an ear out for your faint calls from the other side of the auroral curtain.


Barry GM4TOE

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Hi Barry,
we did OH/KI-017, an 8-pointer today. 8 deg C on the summit, and abt 18 deg C at the parking space at 290 mtrs asl. Was a struggle but we did qualify the activation on 20 SSB. We have to use 20 and 17 mtrs up here north of the Arctic Circle. The lower bands are just noise with very few signals readable at the present. Only G stn heard today was GM7UAU. Christine logged him, but by the time I got the mike the QSB took me out whilst he was still an S5 with us.
Now on a new campsite, just below OH/KI-033; still debating with the boss if we have time to do that one tomorrow morning before heading for Kautokeino in Finnmark, Norway. Sun is beaming down, and its 18 deg C outside at 1830 local time.
73 Ken

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GA Christine & Ken…
Thank you for the new summit OH/KI-017 today and GL !.
Vy 73 de Robert SP8RHP.