OH/KI-008 Ropi 945 m tour 2013

There is a bus connection from Rovaniemi to Kilpisjärvi and the travel takes about 8 hours. I took the bus about 8:00 on Friday morning. Arrival to Iitto bus stop was at 15:40. There is some marsh and deciduous forest before the open fell area starts. I reached the summit Látnjavárit 718 m at about 17:20 local time and my CQ was answered by DF5WA at 1447 UTC with local QRN at Mainz. Camping on the small lake Akkisjärvi at 20:00. The weather was warm and sunny.

On Saturday morning wake up 7:00 and start walking to Ropi at 9:00. This is quite simple since there is a walking path to follow and crossing the small river is easy. On Ropi 945 m first reply from DL1FU at 0932 UTC. I had some difficulties with my CW, but managed to do some QSOs on 20 m and 30 m bands. No replies on 40 m and 17 m bands.

Descend from Ropi and lunch soup on a small lake/pond. Walking up the Stuora Viissetoaivi 907 m. First QSO with G0NUP at 1445 UTC on 20 m band. Camping at 19:30 on Bizejohgierajavri 763 m. The weather is nice and I can see the half moon from the tent when I start sleeping.

Wake up on Sunday morning 7:10 and start walking at 9:30. I follow the path to the saddle between Stuora Viisetoaivi and Biggosvarri and descend from there to the valley to climb up to the Njamatoaivi 858 m. Now G4SSH replies to my call at 0849 UTC. There are some raindeers on these summits. All the activations have been done so far well in the planned schedule.

I follow the top of Njamatoaivi and start to descend before the Bihpoornibba. I want to stay in the open fell areas since these are easy for walking, but now I find first difficult terrains with dense forest, boulders and marsh. I would call it ham-vs-wild type of area. After Kellovaara it is clear that I will not be in time on the Lammasoaivi 730 m. I camp on a brook or a ditch for the night.

On Monday morning walk up to the Lammasoaivi 730 m. There are some dark clouds driven by the wind from north. I put up the antenna and call for about 20 minutes. Only EA2DT replied at 0832 UTC. During my descend to the road rain starts dropping and wets my clothes slowly. I take the bus back to Rovaniemi at about 14:10.

Photos: f5vgl | Flickr

Radio: ATS3B, 8xAA batteries, link dipole 40/30/20/17/15 m bands

Map: Karttapaikka - Maanmittauslaitos

In reply to OH7BF:

A most interesting report Jaakko. The mention of camping by a small lake brought back memories of camping in the Cairngorms in Scotland many years ago when a group of us camped overnight by a small lake. Unfortunately the camp was beseiged by biting insects that came up from the lake - just as we were cooking our meal! Hopefully nothing like that happened to you.

I note from the photos that there is very little shelter on most of the summits, so it was fortnate that you had a spell of decent weather up until your final descent. It looks like it is interesting country to walk in.

Many thanks for the contact from Ropi. Unfortunately I was not able to spend much time in the shack over the period that you were activating, so I only managed the one contact with you.

73, Gerald G4OIG

In reply to G4OIG:

Hi Gerald,

Unfortunately the camp was beseiged by biting insects that came up
from the lake - just as we were cooking our meal! Hopefully nothing
like that happened to you.

There were few mosquitoes still in the forest, but that season starts to be over now. Especially if the night temperature goes below zero. These insects are probably the reason why the raindeers like to stay on the open fell tops rather than in the valleys.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

In reply to OH7BF:

Well I try to avoid insects that bite Jaakko as I am allergic to them. Thankfully there is usually a breeze on the summits which keeps them away, but I often get bitten getting ready for the ascents in the early summer mornings. There are some advantages to activating during the colder months!

73, Gerald G4OIG