OH/KI-005 Saana activation

Thanks to LA1ENA and G4OBK for spotting. The frequency drift is due to the way the key memories are accessed in ATS3B. First press split and then immediately the down key. If you press too late - like I often do, you actually tune the frequency down. Good that I realized this now after so many activations :wink:

Andrej UA3ICK was the first to reply to my CQ today on 10119 kHz at 1023 UTC. No success on 20 m. Some signals were very weak while G4OBK came very loud and the propagation to UK was good in general. On 40 m was limited to low power around one watt. This worked last Sunday from France, but not now from here. No luck on PSK31 and no serious try on AO-51 or VO-52.

Radio: ATS3B, 8xAA Lithium cells(Energizer), T1 ATU, problem in tuning on 40m after I added the microSWR meter to ATS3B

Map: Halti-Kilpisjarvi 1:50 000

APRS: tried but did not reach Tromso or Kiruna

Photos: f5vgl | Flickr

thanks for the nice pictures, it’s nice to see how the kilpisjärvi area looks like in wintertime. it sure seems that you had a very nice day up there on mt. saana.

i also tried aprs on mt. saana and on mt. halti in summer 2008, but had no luck as well.