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I was looking for a topic but could not find a suitable one.

Two activations now done on OH/JS-066. One which I reported already in another thread, and second one today with a bit more success.

OH/JS-066 can now be considered as activated in sotadata.

One hour on air 20m CW / 53 QSO. After that I tried 20 SSB with nil, and then self spotted on 17 and got one dupe and Bill G4WSB before finally packing the gear and heading for my car.

Excellent weather and nice trip. The distance from my home QTH is 40 minutes by car.

Thank you for all the qsos and sorry about occasional wild keying :slight_smile:

My antenna was doublet. I put marking tape on one meter steps to my 300 ohm feed ladder line to measure the antenna height and was very pleased when I finally got the doublet up and the measure was 15 meters.

I was running about 50 watts to the doublet through SGC SG-211 tuner. I have modified the tuner with remote tuning-kill switch to prevent erratic tuning.

Some pictures from OH/JS-066:

I enjoyed the pictures! 73, Hal, N6JZT

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Hi Toni,

Thanks for the CW contact, first OH/Sota for me.
Enjoyed photos, too!!!

Moises “Mo”, EA4MZ.

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and I thought Robin Hood is a registered trademark of the British :slight_smile:

Thanks for todays s2s; I hope it was reasonably copyable on your side. I was working with 5 watts.

I had no connection to SOTAwatch on my summit, so I was lucky to find you on 20m.

When I found you on the band I heard W4ZV calling you again and again. He had, at least in south germany, a solid signal, so I decided to wait a couple of minutes before I called you, in order to give W4ZV a chance for a qso with you, but it seemed that you had to fight against aurora phenomenons.

73 Stephan DM1LE

Today OH/JS-067

80+ QSO and cool weather.

We had three antennas in test. Hannu OH3KW brought a GP from our club OH3NE and his Windom antenna designed for lighthouse activations.

I had several wire antennas, but main target was to finally get the 2 el quad up in the air. We started with GP and checked the bands. They seemed to be almost dead with rather weak EU signals coming in on 20.

I was blaming the GP and sported with my bow towards the tallest Pine tree up the hill. With incredible luck I managed to shoot the arrow through the bushes at about 20 meter height with the first try. After little struggling and help from OH3KW and OH3GDO the 2el quad was ready for prime time. Quick tune and noise from SGC brought the SWR to 1.2 and I started listening. I checked with Rucsack radiotool the latest spots and tuned in. And yes, I was right. 20m was coming in with loudest chasers being +10 to +20 on KX3 S-meter.

Since the conditions were that promising I thought to start with SSB, have a break and finish with CW. After first self spot it was nice pile of chasers in steady stream coming in. After about 45 QSOs it was getting a bit cold and it was time for break.

After break I was hoping to work some nordic chasers and tuned the beam to 30. OZ chasers came in with blazing signals and propagation was surprisingly good work south EU as well with very nice signals.

After this pile has dried I decided to have again a break and turn the beam to NA. Turning the antenna around the Pine was much easier than I anticipated. I tuned the beam to 17 and started calling CQ NA. I managed to work two stations before my battery died and it was time to go QRT and dismantle the wire and rope art from the tree.

Picture of the antenna and the pine:

(for some reason the https links do not work directly from forum so you may need to cut and paste the link to your browser)

My operating position can be recognized from the right bottom corner of the picture.

73s Toni oh3t

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I didn’t hear you at all, probably my location in JP53 was too close (in the skip zone) on 20 meters. Maybe Scandinavian and Baltic chasers would have more luck on 40 meters than 20?

OH/JS-031 was in the program today.

49 QSOs in total, cw only, two bands.

30m band was solid performer. 17m produced the DX contacts.
Rapid and deep QSB today, but reasonably good conditions.
Some auroral clutter on NA contacts, but very readable signals.

Antenna placement could have been better, but I found a tree with pre-installed rope on the summit.

Photos uploaded to my Picasa OHSOTA album.

Thank you for all the qsos and hope to see you in my log on the next one!
I will upload my log to sotadata tomorrow.

I wanted to make a trip planner and see where all summits are in the map. Since I could not find one I made it.

All OH/JS Association summits on one map. Enjoy!


Toni oh3t

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Hi Toni,

It seems from the database that you are already Shack Sloth. That was quite fast.

The SOTA web page has a similar more general mapping tool (from top menu). We were using google map too with OH6FQI, when we were making the list of summit. There are some links on SOTA OH yahoo page

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

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Thanks Jaakko! Impressive list of links :slight_smile:

Sota mapping tool did not work with my IE10 browser. I should have installed
the Firefox earlier. With Firefox it works exactly as I would have hoped with
IE10. Silly me.

Thanks for pointing this out Jaakko. Now I am a happy camper!


Toni oh3t

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Sota mapping tool should now work with IE10 (stupid programming error)…


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In reply to OH3T:
I didn’t hear you at all, probably my location in JP53 was too close
(in the skip zone) on 20 meters. Maybe Scandinavian and Baltic chasers
would have more luck on 40 meters than 20?

As an activatior, iv`e only had one qso with a nordic station on the 20m.
It was a SM/LA station, just north of Strømstad, i think. He was realy suprised, getting a station for LA/ST (somwhere on Dovre).
Maybe all us nordic activators should use the 40m mor often, problem is, that its way to crowded…
(I know, the answer is to learn CW…)

LA9XSA, when Vassfjellet is more or less free of snow, if you want, we can activate the summit together.
Need more active activators/chasers around here :wink:

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30m seems to work pretty well between Nordics. Several LA and OZ are regulars and I hear them very well also when chasing at home QTH. I admit there have been days when I have not heard e.g. LA1ENA on 30 but worked him on 40 with very nice signals (CW).

Personally I do not like 40m SSB it being very noisy and a lot of QRO ragchewing activity coming from UA. My personal favorite is currently 30m and that combined with 17m seems to work pretty well.

The added bonus sticking to 30/17 is to avoid contest QRM during the weekends.

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The only problem with, 30m, is the cw part, hopefully you will hear me slow, and far from steady, on the cw parts.
My sugestion about the 40m, was more intended to include the non cw chasers/activators.
And yes, i know all about the problems with the 40m…

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Yeah, I’ll get in touch about weekends when I’m in the area. LA5ZKA might be interested in coming with us too.