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Greetings from EA8 land, no last day winter bonus for me, but I did get to 1950m asl (6400ft)to grab my highest geocache in shorts & vest.
73 back on summits soon - Steve G1INK.

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Best stay in EA8 Steve - snow forecast here for early next week. Mick got a F2F on Pen Llithrig y Wrach. Cacher that arrived 15 mins later was not impressed!!! Mick was not impressed with his dogs that fancied his lunch :frowning:

73 John GW4BVE

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Mick got a F2F

Is F2F first to find or face to face?

Anyway, I found a geocache and I don’t have a GPS. I saw what looked like a discarded carrier bag in the heather, wandered over to pick it up to take it home and found a geocache in the bag.

Is that a record?