OE8SPW in Activator LOGs

That’s what I found in DATABASE ACTIVATOR LOGs instead of OE8SPW

OE5SPW (3x)
OE6SPW (3x)
OE7SPW (5x)
OE8APW (2x)
OE8HPW (5x)
OE8SPN (2x)

I’m not happy about that.
Result: NO CHASER POINTS for abt 30 QSOs (2011 so far.

73, OE8SPW

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That is really poor log keeping (although it is difficult when conditions are unpleasant) but you are not the only one with a problem.

My xyl has used the wrong call for me in her Activator log. Someone else has placed me in Scotland so I am MM0. Several times when I am in Wales (summit to summit) there is M0 in the log and when I am in England there is MW0 in the log. One activator has used the wrong date.

However, I have to admit that about half the mismatches were mistakes in my own Chaser log and I have now corrected most of them, a tedious task but my own fault.

Now the * is back perhaps we shall all be more careful. Do we need the * in Activator logs too?


Many of these are more likely to be keyboard/finger trouble rather then logging the station incorrectly. That in mind, if any chaser finds a problem with my log entry, I should be grateful if they would let me know so I can correct it, if indeed my paper log is correct.

Email is good at QRZ.com or on http://tomread.co.uk



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You still get the chaser points no matter what c/s the activator logs.

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Let us not get all hung up about the re introduction of the confirmation marker. From the chasers point of view there are many reasons for not getting a confirmation marker; half of which may be due to mistakes made by the chaser and the other half due to the mistakes made by the activator. There are also some incorrect entries which cannot be blamed on either such as a correction to a reference made a few days after the event which is not seen by the chaser, an activator who does not enter contacts in the data-base, or a club call entered under the ops own call.

One of the positive aspects of SOTA chasing is that you do not need confirmation QSL cards, which is a big attraction, especially for the older amateur who has found a new lease of on-air life with the discovery of SOTA. Entries in the data base are done on trust and I do not know a single chaser who would falsify his record. Chasers should not see the lack of a confirmation marker as a challenge to that trust.

For myself, I take great pains to ensure that I have made the QSO before I enter the contact into my own log. If I consider there to have been any doubt I will not enter the QSO into the data base until I have checked the activators log. When I am entering a batch of contacts I carefully check that the points credited for each QSO agree with the entry in my personal log. I am sure that the majority of chasers do the same.

Everyone makes typing mistakes and I have occasionally checked with the activators log where no confirmation star is posted and found that my call has been mis-typed as “G3SSH”. To be honest I am not going to start challenging the activator to correct his log if I am satisfied that I made a good contact.

There is only one person who needs to be satisfied that the QSO was good and that is the chaser themselves. Learn to live with the fact that there will be unconfirmed entries in your personal record. You will still be credited with points.

Of course there will be some chasers who will insist that every entry must have a confirmation star but that is an individual choice. The majority will use their own judgement, integrity and common sense; after all SOTA is about individual aspirations and working towards a goal at your own pace.

Review your list again Paul, and ask the question “Are YOU happy that the QSO was made?” If so then let the entries stand; nobody will challenge your decision. It is not a requirement to have a confirmation marker and it is no reflection upon your integrity.

SOTA chasing should be fun.



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Thank you for those reassuring words.


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Another reason for no confirmation *

Ive lost count of the times as an activator Ive been working a chaser, then when I put it back to them I hear a completely different chaser thanking me for the qso & saying 73s. Most times I have no idea who it is & as such, they dont go in the log.

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Hi Steve,

As a chaser I always compare my written log with the Activator’s
log before submitting an entry to SOTA. The commonest reasons for
a mismatch ( apart from my finger errors!) seem to fall into 3

The Activator has not submitted his log. I then check the log of one
of the prolific chasers and confirm that I have the details of the
activation ok. I would claim the point for this.
The Activator has made a single letter or figure error in my callsign
but the time tallies ok. - I would claim this.
My callsign does not appear in the Activator’s log at all, even though
I know I had a solid contact with him. I never claim for these.

I’m surprised that I don’t find more mismatches bearing in mind the
conditions that many activations take place in.
I don’t operate CW, but I can imagine the scope for mismatches must be

Kind regards


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Hi Paul
Nice to work you today from G/WB-002 on CW. Thanks for your patience and sending your call several times. My CW RX is still not very good and I had a bad CW brain day today. It was about 3-4 degrees in snow showers with winds in excess of 80km/hr. it was very difficult to concentrate between chattering teeth and inadvertent operation of the key due shivering!! I was working DL4FCK, Gerhard, when my dipole antenna blew down. Fortunately I was able to re-erect it and he was still waiting for me to finish the QSO.
If any of the errors are mine, an email will soon fix it - it’s not always easy at the other end.
Best regards