OE7PHI First EHM Galtzagorri "ELUR" (top level chaser)

We’ve had the pleasant surprise of receiving the request of the Euskal Herriko Mendiak certificate, Galtzagorri (chaser) category in its highest level, ELUR (snow), from Hansjoerg OE7PHI, who thus becomes the first amateur achieving it.

The level reached by him is quite difficult, even for the basque hams, as it involves contacting with 8 summits in each of the 7 territories of the Basque Country -56 contacts- many of them with summits that have been rarely activated.

Congratulations, dear Hansjoerg!

73 de Mikel

Euskal Herriko Mendiak
Mountains of the Basque Country

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Hello Mikel and hams in the wonderful Basque Country.
I was very happy having achieved this honourable special certificate.
Always very interested to reach and have contact with SOTA activators in one of
your different territories.
Thank you so much for congratulation !

See you on next summits / cheerio

Hansjoerg (alias John) OE7PHI

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