Joe, OE5JFE achieved MOUNTAIN GOAT status today (02/06/2020) on his activation at Niederer Kalmberg OE/OO-026. He is MG #32 in OE and #15 in OE5.

@OE5JFE: It is an honour to welcome you to the MG herd! Thanks for all the contacts so far … looking forward to the next S2S with you!

73 Martin, OE5REO


Congrats, Joe, for your MG and all our QSOs during the journey.
Keep up the good work.


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Thanks, here a picture from the summit. Now on the way to the next one. Hi

73 Joe


Congratulations Joe, welcome to MG!
Keep on enjoying the mountains !!
See you next one

73 de Ignacio

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Hi Joe,

Congrats on achieving MG :goat:.
Thanks a lot for the many contacts and for your efforts and support!

73, Sylvia

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Hey Joe, where you goin’ with that yaesu in your hand?
Hey Joe, I said where you goin’ with that yaesu in your hand?
I’m goin up to summit - doing some SOTA - man

Congrats and welcome

73 Armin


Congratulations and welcome to the herd!

Very much deserved, you have never chosen the easy summits!

73, Heinz


Hallo Joe

Das freut auch mich – congrats und viel Spass mit der neuen Würde, die Lust auf (weitere) Summits wird dir sicher erhalten bleiben!

Schön, dass du uns auch immer wieder mit Videos oder Bildern zu deinen Erlebnissen mitnimmst!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

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Hello Joe,
Congrats and welcome in the Club!
73 Franz

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Well done Joe!

73 Ed DD5LP

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Congratulations Joe, here’s to your next 1000.
73 de OE6FEG

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And BAAA! Maybe a transatlantic S2S one of these days?
All Best, Ken

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Well done Joe always a pleasure to work you.73 Don.

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Well done Joe, congrats !
Always love your wonderful videos.
73 es GL

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Hello everyone!

Thank you again for the congratulations :+1:
And of course the one or other QSO today.

After a hot shower, dinner and transfering the paper logs it is official :grinning:

@OE5REO: Thank you Martin for posting it here on the reflector and of course many QSO and in person meetings at the SOTA day. Looking forward to September for the next one.

@OE5YYN: Thank you Sylvia. QSO #4 in the log for MG. Perfect timing and an honor having the OE AM handing over the trophy so to say :grin:
Thanks for all the support and activities. Big thanks of course also to Peter @OE5AUL

Btw. Sylvia, Peter and Martin were chasing me at my very first activation three years ago. I was super nervous calling CQ SOTA the very first time. Now I think I got the hang of it :laughing:

@EA2BD: Thank you Ignacio. I will continue to enjoy mountains and radio :sunglasses:

@DL6GCA: Armin, thanks for the song. That never happend to me :blush:

@OE5EEP: Heinz, there are some easy ones in my log too. Thanks a lot for the nice words!

@HB9DIZ: Markus dir auch vielen Dank. Hoffe es klappt mal mit einem S2S oder nächstes Jahr in Friedrichhafen. Muss mal sehen ob ich diesmal genug Material für ein Video habe. Ev wird es nur ein Bildreport.

@K6HPX: Sure everything is possible. It there already a date? I need to test my new HF amp.

@G0RQL: Don, always a pleasure to have you in my log.

I can’t list everyone in one answer hi
Thanks to everyone. It is just so much fun being part of the SOTA community. Looking forward to more activations and outdoor adventures.
And of course the one of other video report on YouTube.

73 Joe


Congratulations Joe.


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Hello Joe,

congratulations to the mountain goat!

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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Congratulations Joe on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Hallo Joe,
Gratuliere zur Bergziege und weiterhin viel Spaß und viele S2S.
Heinrich IW3AGO 73

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Good job Joe. Any plans to go back to Japan?