OE5JFE activation with friends on Tamberg OE/OO-340

Hello everyone,

Last Saturday did an activation with friends from Austrian and Canada. My buddy Alexandre had his brother Guillaume for a visit and so we went on a hike with Sabine (we were on Großglockner) and her boyfriend Philipp.
A lot of fun and a bit of “controlled” snow sliding included. No one got hurt luckily. But see for yourself:


And some pictures:

Good conditions on 20m although sometimes a bit chaotic. QSB more or less intense.
2 x S2S to Greece with @G8JSM and @SV3GLI
And more S2S with Sylvia @OE5YYN and Peter @OE5AUL and I talked with Heinz @OE5EEP already during the ascent toward the summit and a S2S was possible later.
A bit of a surprise with Tom @OE9TKH to have a S2S on 20m groundwave to OE2 were he activated OE/SB-440. We met last year at the SOTA dinner and this was our first SOTA QSO.

Looking forward to all the eyeball QSO at Friedrichshafen.

73 de Joe