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This year sees the 15th anniversary of Austria joining the Summits on the Air programme. We are therefore using the special callsign OE15SOTA for activations from September 6 to 22 to commemorate this occasion.

Chasers who have made several contacts with OE15SOTA on different summits with a total of at least 15 summit points will be eligible for the Special Award OE15SOTA.
E.g. contact with OE15SOTA on OE/ST-223 - Osser - 6 points + contact with OE15SOTA on OE/OO-011 - Gr. Pyhrgas - 10 points will give you a total of 16 points, i.e. the chaser is eligible for the award.

We are currently working on evaluation and download of the award on the OE15SOTA qrz.com page - so stay tuned, we’ll keep you informed!

We are looking forward to hearing many of you on the bands!

73, Sylvia


Hallo Sylvia . . . ihr macht das richtig, schöne Idee! Nur schade, dass das Zeitfenster so kurz ist.

Ja, und huuuuuch: der 6. September ist ja bald! :sunny: :hushed: Werde am 14./15. probieren müssen.

Viel Spass euch allen mit diesen schönen Umtrieben,
und vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

The Austrian authorities are rather restrictive with regard to special callsigns. I had to bring up arguments why we wanted to have/use it more than three days…:wink::wink:

73, Sylvia


For those who have already worked OE15SOTA on different summits with a total of 15 points: the award can now be downloaded via the link on the QRZ.com page by just uploading the chaser log.
There will be many more activators using OE15SOTA in the next few days!

Good luck!
73, Sylvia

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It was no copy today in OK/KA, hope for better tomorrow :wink:

73, Jarek, SP9MA

Hi Sylvia!

I am interesting for the award very much and already I have made a QSO with a OE15SOTA on OE/OO-293 summit. What I want to know, after so long working SOTA, is : how can I find the operator of this special callsign to see, if I am in the log? In the past I was looking for through all activators of an association, but must be an easier way, I suppose, isn’t?
Congratulations for the OE15SOTA celabration!

73 de Christos.

Hi Christos,

Usually the alerts and very often the spots give you a clue about the activator’s callsign who posted it but in case of doubt you can ask ME ;-).
We have only got a period of two weeks and I manage the special callsign, so I should be able tell you who was on which mountain at a particular time…
Yesterday it was OE5AUL on OE/OO-293 (on his own - which is a very rare occasion).

There will be four of us on four different mountains today - the alerts give you their callsigns!

73, Sylvia

Hello Sylvia
Congratulations for the OE15SOTA celabration!
I just received the award!!!
Thank you very much !!!

73 de SV2HJW

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Today OE15SOTA marathon is at it’s final stage.

OE5REO Martin started in the morning
OE5YYN Sylvia and OE5AUL Peter were QRV around noon.
Myself OE5JFE handed over after a lot of QSO to the next team.
They are just now (11.09.2019, 15:30z ) setting up the station on another summit OE/OO-330 and will be QRV for some hours.
Look out for spots. Maybe some DX to NA?

73 Joe

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Hi Joe,

Why would OE15SOTA be at it’s final stage? Tomorrow CW activity will commence. I’d say the fun is about to start…

EDIT: I have changed my alerts for tomorrow. I plan to activate Hoher and Niederer Kalmberg, OE/OO-025 and OO-026. If you work me on both summits you have already earned the OE15SOTA Award!

73 Heinz

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Heinz, my bad:
Today’s SOTA marathon. Sorry I missed the 's at Today.
Of course it will continue like anounced till 22nd of September.

73 Joe

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Hi all
Good idea on this event :+1:
Worked 2 or 3 stations but I need some more CW :yum:
Look for you
Eric F5JKK

If you are having problems downloading your award please make sure that you use the Chaser CSV file downloaded from the OLD database http://www.sotadata.org.uk/.

73, Sylvia

It works, I got it achieved in S2S by my way to SOTA day :wink:

73, Jarek SP9MA


Hello Jarek,

Gratulations to achive the award in a S2S. Was good talking to you and I look forward to tomorrows OE SOTA day .

Btw. got 4 DX SSB contact to North America in the log and @AA1VX also managed to get the Award today. Very good that SSB DX is possible :+1:

73 de Joe


It was real fun to operate with the special call sign! I have activated four summits as OE15SOTA and look forward to OE20SOTA!

Thanks to Sylvia for this excellent idea! Besides being fun it also promotes SOTA to hams not yet aware of the program!

73 Heinz


Lieber Martin

Es war schön, dich gestern am österreichischen Bergfunktag wiederzutreffen.

Das Herunterladen meines Diploms No. 26 hat mir viel Freude bereitet.

73 de OE/HB9BIN/p, Jürg


It was great fun to operate the special callsign OE15SOTA. I activated four summits with a total of 331 QSO’s in SSB and FM.

And as a special surprise I managed to get four North American callsigns in the log today … here is a picture of my operating position on Oberriedel, OE/OO-383:

A big thank you to Sylvia, @OE5YYN for all the work to make this happen. OE15SOTA will be on air this weekend in OE2 and OE3 … so please work our special call while you can.

73 Martin, OE5REO


Last Sunday was the last day of our OE15SOTA activities with 4 activations in Lower Austria (OE3).
So far 54 chaser/OPs have claimed and downloaded the award. Congratulations! :champagne::champagne:

We are currently compiling a list of all persons eligible who have not yet downloaded it and will publish it in due course.

73, Sylvia


Just found that Max OE3MHU and Chris OE3CHC made a YouTube video about their OE15SOTA activation on OE/NO-281

73 Joe

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