OE15SOTA this morning - wrong reference

Very sorry but I spotted the wrong reference for the activation of OE15SOTA on 20m between 0819 and 0845.
The correct reference was OE/OO-097 (and not OO-383).
Very sorry for the inconvenience, please correct your logs!

73, Sylvia

Sylvia alles schon gesehen, danke füe S2S

73 markus in3adf

Hi Sylvia,
I chased OE15SOTA on 20m SSB at 14h17z today and the spotted reference was OE/OO-383, so that’s what I put in my log.
Do you know if that was wrong too?
Should I change it to OE/OO-097 in my log?
Thank you.


Only those operators who had a contact with OE15SOTA on 20m and between 0819 and 0845 need to change the reference in their logs to OE/OO-097.

Martin OE5REO was on OE/OO-383 as OE15SOTA from 12.00 UTC onwards - your contact with him is correct!!

Sorry for the confusion!
73, Sylvia

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