OE/VB-512 invalid


Yesterday I activated OE/VB-512 which is no longer a valid SOTA. Sorry, erare humanum est! But I have uploaded the QSOs to GMA where OE/VB-512 is still a valid SOTA for 10 points. This was my first GMA only activation!

I will ask these questions again and again:

Why is it still possible to spot invalid summits?

When will this annoying bug be fixed?

When are you merging all the SOTA DBs to one which is the actual one?

Sorry for the inconvenience es 73 de HB9BIN, Juerg


Wow, I activated Pfänder only for GMA 2 years ago after the Ham Radio 2017 when it was already no SOTA anymore: GMA: Pfänder OE0/VB-1417 1064m - 16.07.2017

It’s only possible via Spotlite - so you were likely using an app like SOTA Goat or RRT or whatever the cool kids are using these days.

The new version of SOTAWatch and the accompanying API check validity so this won’t be an issue going forwards.

If we turned off Spotlite, a disturbing number of people would complain, so we’re gradually working on moving it over to the API and dealing with the change as it happens. A reasonable timeline might be the end of the year. Of course, the ability to spot wildcard summits with RBNHole will no doubt disappear at this point too, which’ll cause another round of complaints.

Like every bug, when we get to it.

We’re probably at about 99% of the systems using a single database source of truth. Of course, VB-512 is still in the database. It’s not currently in a valid period, but someone might go back and enter their log from their activation when it was valid, so it’s still a summit (albeit a currently invalid one).

Anyway, this isn’t an issue with any of the databases, it’s an issue with Spotlite.

I stand corrected on this - this was initially the functionality but it appears to have been disabled, probably during testing. The other points remain valid.