OE/TI vs. OE/TL chaser log entries

When I recently imported my activators logs, I occasionally pressed the “Show Who Chased Me” button (a very good idea, thanks Andi). And in the resulting tables I recognized that a couple of chasers logged OE/TI (Tango India) instead of OE/TL (Tango Lima).

Yes, I did in the last month mixed activations in OE/TI as well as in OE/TL, but all references, with a number less than 50, which I’ve activated in the last month, belongs definitely to the OE/TL (Tango Lima) region.

May I ask you to correct your entries.

I assume, it’s a mistake that can be made very easily, because the lower case letter “l” (Lima) looks very similar to the upper case “I” (India).

73 Stephan, DM1LE

Hi Stephan.
I recently chased you when you were at OE/TL-001.
I usually log SOTA QSOs with the help of SAISIE SOTA program.
For some reason I don’t yet know, this program doesn’t recognise that one as a valid reference.
I looked on the database and after seeing there are TI references too, I tried to log the chaser QSO with reference OE/TI-001 and SAISIE SOTA didn’t seem to like this one reference either.
I finally solved the issue by logging the QSO manually into de database and forgetting about SAISIE SOTA.
I just wanted to let you know as someone else might have encountered the same problem.
Best 73 de Guru

You may have to update the SOTA references in Saisie Sota by clicking the button at the top of the window saying SOTA REF. After that Saisie should recognise the new OE/TL references.

73, Sylvia

Thanks Sylvia for your advice.
Since this program automatically detects when a newer version is available and asks you to upgrade it, I guessed the summits info list would also be automatically updated.
Now I’ve seen the button you mentionned at the top. I had never realised it was there, so you can easily deduce I had never updated the summits info.
Now I’ve clicked on it and its currently doing the update while a window with an atom and its electrons orbiting around its nucleus is shown.
My internet connection is quite slow but I think it’s taking a bit too long…
It’s possibly a big, big file with lots of information so it may take long.
I’ll see how it went after a few more minutes.
Thanks again, Sylvia.
Best 73 de Guru

Hi again Sylvia,
While writing my previous post, the update of the summits info got completed and I have successfully logged a dummy QSO with your callsign and the summit OE/TL-001.
Just perfect!
Thanks again.

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