OE/TI-691 Weisskugel 3738mt [activation failed]

I’d decided to try the activation of OE/TI-691, so on
Sat 2nd of July,
me, my XL and my friends started our trekking from Melago (1950 mt.) and reached hut Pio XI (2550 mt). Next day I woke up at 2:00 UTC but becouse of poor weather our departure was delayed by two hours, when wx was expected to be better.
We started from hut Pio XI 2550mt and we hiked on the glacer till 3400mt, where we discovered that the short way was unsafe because of high temp and melting snow. At this point we were forced to walk a long traverse halfway across, and to contine up from ridge.
We reached the last about 20 meter of rock(3720mt), in this point there were a lot of roped, some slow that blocked the way.
We decided to come back and to not delay any further.
I was sorry we hadn’t had enough time, but the trekking was beatiful anyhow.

Saturday afternoon Hut Pio XI 2550mt.

Wx Sunday morning an 2:00utc

the summit at 4:00utc from hut

Along the glacier

Traverse halfway across 3400mt

The last 20 meter 3720mt

73 Roberto