OE/ST-171 pile up on Feb24 2016

I activated OE/ST-171 yesterday. There was a great pile up on 40m thanks to RBNhole!
I honestly want to apologise 3 QSO only on SW. I did not sleep well tonight because of this.
WX was not too hard. minus 5 C, wind 3 BFT.
But I had some trouble with my equipment. Standing operation, rig and antenna in one hand, key in the other: The 3rd hand was missing for writing log, pencil missing, ball pointer frozen, hands frozen, erratic keying and changing frequency while trying to write log and put on and off gloves until my hands were frozen, etc. Try to autotune a KX1 with gloves or frozen hands, hi
Next time I do not put off the gloves and work as mni stns as possible without writing log, requesting QSLL.
I think this would have been a better solution than giving up and close station.
TU es 73 de Martin

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Hi Martin,

I heard you but my CW is not yet up to a proper contact :frowning: . I can image the situation, you will have to bring a helper with a third and fourth hand next time!

73, Sylvia

Hi Martin,
I understand your stressful situation with so many things to do and just 2 frozen hands to help with.
When on paper logging is not possible, recording the activation with your mobile phone is a good solution. I did it once during a rainy activation with my paper log too wet to let me write down on it and it worked fine although I was very lucky with a local colleague writing down on paper in his shack every QSO I made, thus giving me the chance to doublecheck everything I had recorded on my smartphone once I got back home.
The only inconvenient is that you won’t be able to use headphones, unless you prepare a splitter and a direct cable with audio signal to your phone audio input pins and you’ll have to use the rig speaker while telling on voice the utc from time to time.
Take care and good luck next time.
73 de Guru

Sound recording is a good idea, tu. Much cheaper than begali cw machine is a phone or old voice recorder. My rig lacks of speaker (KX1) but splitting wont be a problem. Sound rec. would be a nice feature on the KX1.

@OE5YYN helpers were in the hut drinking beer and Schnaps.
Just give cw a try. Any station that really wants a QSO will give a word five times or more and QRS 5WPM. You just have to ask AGN QRS five times or more, hi. Call, rst, 73 that’s it for a proper contact.

73, 88 de Martin

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