OE/OO-129 - Pfenningberg

Snow has finally arrived in Austria. Time to stick to the lower summits.
One person (no SOTA activator) died today in an avalanche on OE/OO-011 :frowning:

Temperatures below zero make logging difficult with gloves on and limit the time spent on SOTA contacts - but it’s still great fun!

Me setting up the 2-m J-pole antenna; Kimo our dog busy chewing the bone he usually gets when he’s got to wait

KX3 well protected from the snow

OE5AUL/P calling CQ


It was a pleasure working you both with “big signals”, because OE/OO-129 is the closest SOTA-summit to my HQTH (distance exactly 3km)

73s es cu soon, Franz

A wise thought in deed
and thank you again for the summit worked other day and the photos