OE/OM2JU/P on 30/09/2017 - wrong reference OE/ST-390, correct is OE/ST-072

After review of our trip to Alps I realized that on 30/09/2017 I was reporting wrong summit, correct reference
should be OE/ST-072. Sorry for that, I was confused myself finding out that there are 3x Reichensteins in OE/ST region!!! I’m deleting the activation of OE/ST-390, fortunately did not make much QSOs, please inform ones who could potentially contact me, I will do it as well. Apologies again.

The weather was extraordinary with inversion on summit.

Reichenstein panorama

Splendid photo. :+1:

You may not have activated the summit but it must have been worth it for that view alone.

Indeed, this was one of the most beautiful views in my life - inversion on the summit with cloud waterfalls down to the valley. All the south side was filled with clouds, in multiple floors.