OE/F8CZI/P on OE/VB-473

Hello @ all

I went on the DIEDAMSKOPF OE/VB-473 today to make my first SOTA activity in CW. Unfortunately, because of a lot of people on the summit; it was not possible to me to mount my HF dipole. I thus contented with activating on 144 MHz. I tried on in CW, in SSB and even in FM. Result: 0 QSO in 1 hour of time in spite of a self spot on sotawatch. The used equipment was a FT817 with 5W and a J pole antenna at 6m height. I wonder if somebody answered me and if I did not hear the answer this summit?
I would try to reactivate in the week earlier the morning to avoid the people and work on HF if the time allows it.

PS: If you hear me in CW, please QRS. Thanks in advance.

73 de Laurent, OE/F8CZI/P

In reply to F8CZI:
good luck Laurent !
That would be great to get success for the first one !!
a bientôt

In reply to F5HTR:

Thanks Bob. I went again yesterday for a small activation because not enough time and an another activation planned the same day. I will write a small repport about it on OE/VB-454.
Best 73’s

Laurent OE/F8CZI/P