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nw42 - 43 today


Thanks for everyone’s help with spots today(cheers John gw4bve and Michael F6GEO). I have been using a 40m whip antenna (cw) to see what sort of response I would get. Plan is to use one on Snowdon next year.
Bit of a Michael Fish weather report today, it looked ok on the BBC weather maps, but rained all the way there and strong winds on the peaks. A mountain bike would have made a quick activation from Cyrn Y Brain most of the route is concrete path. A good pair of summits to activate at this time of year, with ten points for little effort. Hardest part was getting the contacts with rubbish antenna I wont go down that route again. I have put off getting a sota beam for 2m because I hate using the mike, but if others are going to start using cw I will put one on my xmas list.

73s Mike G0HIO


Don’t know to what extent 2m CW will catch on Mike, but it seems sufficiently peculiar to have gathered a small interest group. I take it I can put you down for a 2m CW S2S event next year?



In reply to M1EYP:

Yes that sounds good to me Tom, are there any planned yet or is it to early?

Mike G0HIO


Nothing planned yet Mike. First weekend in January looks viable though.