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NW Activations


Here are the activation reports from the 6 summits I activated.

Friday, Foel Goch NW-039:
This is a nice two point hill that was as easy as most of the one point hills I have activated.
I made 6 QSOs all on FM.

Saturday, Carnedd Llewellyn NW-002:
It was a nice sunny day and we went up the valley via the airplane wreck to the summit.
15 QSOs all on FM.

Sunday, Yr Aran NW-019 and Snowdon NW-001:
It was another sunny day but it was a bit colder.
Yr Aran:
A very pointy summit with a short steep ascent and very windy on top.
6 QSOs on FM and a S2S with Ron GW4EVX/P on NW-051 and a contact with EI0MAR giving me 57. 3 on SSB including a S2S with Mick 2E0HJD/P on SP-008.
It got very cloudy near the summit but it cleared for a bit when we got there and came back just as we were leaving.
15 QSOs all on FM, Summit To Summits with Paul 2E0FPS/P on SP-015, Rick M0RCP/P and M3OOL/P on LD-034.

Friday, Yr Eifl NW-075:
It was a steep climb through heather without a marked path and it was very windy at the top.
7 QSOs all on FM.

Tuesday, Arenig Fawr NW-011:
We went up the east side on the advice from the farmer at the B&B. The cloud was very low and we didn’t see anything until we had been on the summit for half an hour. We will put our route on the summit info page.
13 QSOs on FM S2S with 2W0HJD/P on NW-040 and one QSO on SSB.

I thought that took me past 100 but I am still at 99.

Thanks to all the chasers and stations worked.

Timothy 2E0KEA(/P)

In reply to 2E0KEA:

Hi Timothy,

I looked for you on both the Friday and Saturday, but didn’t hear anything. I guess 2.5W of FM doesn’t get over here to Northamptonshire, partly because vertical polarisation isn’t as good as horizontal.

“Friday, Foel Goch NW-039: This is a nice two point hill that was as easy as most of the one point hills I have activated.”

Obviously not enough snow around, hi!

73, Gerald

In reply to 2E0KEA:

Hi Timothy

It was a great pleasure to work you on every summit on your LD tour and all bar one on your NW trip. I would have heard you on that one but I was very busy at the time.
You will have to get out and do a 1 pointer asap and break the 100 points.
Well done on your excellent activating skills, I wonder how old you are?

73 and thanks for helping me to 10,000 chaser points.


In reply to GW0DSP:
Now I’m back in Suffolk it is a long way to any hills but I hope I will get to my hundred points before too long. I’m 12.

73 Timothy, 2E0KEA

In reply to 2E0KEA:

Hi Timothy, I didn’t realise that you were in Suffolk. I spent quite some time down in that neck of the woods some years back. I stopped in a bungalow in Brandon and the back garden ran down to the river ouse and on the other side of the river was the usa airbase of Lakenheath or was it Mildenhall, can’t remember now. We used to go fishing on the canal at March also, all fond memories.

73 Mike