Nw-013 / nw-028

We are hoping to do these on Saturday, and I can’t help but oggle at NW-002 as well. We will probably do 28, then 13, and in all probability, time and energy will have beaten us (me) by then. However, if not, who knows? Has anyone done these three in a single outing?

Suspect I’ll leave 002 for another day, and will be interested to read Carolyn’s thoughts on it later.


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The natural pairing is Pen Llithrig-y-wrach then over the Craig yr Ysfa ridge and a nice long easy walk up the spur to Carnedd Llewellyn. From the A5 it is a long rough slog to Craigiau Gleision and a big drop and reascent to Pen L-y-W.


Brian G8ADD

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I think the only logical route from 013 to 002 contains a short “scramble” accross a large slab. Very short but a scramble nontheless as it requires use of hands as well as feet. Not difficult at all - but some may disagree. I know it left a couple of fellow activators a little white faced when I went up there years ago with them.

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I’ve not done the three together but have walked NW-013 to NW-002
skirting Bwlch y Tri Marchog and Pen yr Helgi Du which is a nice walk.

I usually tackle NW-002 on its own via Y Braich ascending and descend the steep path past Bwlch Eryl Farchog to the path alongside Llugwy reservoir.

Great views along the Ogwen Valley!

Roger MW0IDX

Have decided to just do 013 and 028 as per plan on Saturday. Looking at the steep path up from Idwal Cottage and route via Carnedd Dafydd for a separate expedition to 002 in the future.


Setting off now. Jimmy’s 13 remaining “catch-ups” should be down to 11 by the end of the day. Will be on GB3MN repeater if anyone fancies an early natter.

HF gear is being jettisoned today in favour of the Return of the SOTA Beam.

73, Tom M1EYP