NW-013 & NW-028 report

Nice walk up to these two summits from the A5 today. Weather was quite warm. On NW-013 the bands were pretty quiet and I only just managed to qualified the summit. On my way down I saw a bird of prey that looked very much like a Golden Eagle. Although highly unlikely, I can’t think what else it could be (Marsh Harrier?).

I’m very familiar with our native birds of prey, Hen Harriers, Kites, Ospreys, buzzards etc. It landed just below me on a rock, it realised I was there and immediately flew off.

By the time I arrived on NW-028 the clouds were gathering from the West as predicted on the weather forecast. No time to hang about, this time 20m was quite lively and I was pleased to get a S2S with DL/HB9AFI Kurt on DM/BW-176. Unfortunately the loud static crashes made it difficult to hear many of the callers, so my apologies to those calling.

After the initial bunch of callers finished I thought I’d call it a day. Just as well I did because halfway down the mountain the thunder and lightning started. Fortunately the heavy rain didn’t start till I got home after picking up my kids from school. Not had a thunder storm like that for a long time!

Thanks for the contacts!

Roger MW0IDX

KX1 & a bit of wire

In reply to MW0IDX:
Well done for beating the storm Roger. Would have been pretty grim on the summits in that.