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The 400m AOD was purely a guessimate Brian… the whole issue is a bit like the principle employed by anglers when describing the size of their catch in the pub. I guess the summits below 400m are equivalent to those that are secretly thrown back. Any attempt to discuss them results in instant denial!

73, Gerald

P.S. Regarding walking in the dark, I recall John YSS setting off to his first summit by 02:30 (and he was definitely south of the border). By comparison, I’m a mere lazy tyke as I’m not normally on the way up until 07:00 local time.

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I guess the summits below 400m are equivalent
to those that are secretly thrown back.

Actually it’s 500m. I’m very irritated that my local pimple GM/SS-171 Allermuir Hill is only 479m. And I don’t count GM/SS-272 Arthur’s Seat which is in the city … :wink:


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The joke about SS-171 and Scald Law SS-125 is that from their respective most popular starting points, the actual height gain for SS-171 is 301m for 1pt earned and for SS-125 it’s 299m for 2(5)pts earned.

Don’t mention Arthur’s Seat… far too many unapproved operations have been claimed for that one.


I reckon there will be SS-171 / SS-125 anomolies in nearly every SOTA association Andy. It isn’t just Scotland that is hard done to :wink:

The most obvious I can think of is Long Mynd-Pole Bank G/WB-005 and nearby Caer Caradoc G/WB-006, often done on the same day as each other.

The former is an ascent of 31m from my preferred parking spot, while the latter is a steep 279m. The former is 2(5)pts, the latter just 1pt!

But I don’t mind, the hills are the same for all of us whoever we are and whatever we choose to activate, and their variety and peculiarities only add to the overall interest!


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Of course Tom these exist. I raise it only due to my own stupidity in not checking that SS-171 was only a 1pt hill before I did it for the 1st time.

I was very unfit and having huffed and puffed to the top, worked a good number of contacts found out on entering the log I wasn’t going to get any Winter Bonus. I was gutted at the time. Then I found out the ascent was more than the the last 2pt hill I’d been up. Now I know different and SS-171 is a nice stroll and the points don’t matter as long as the walk is good!