Nw-003, 004.006

Hi all readers
What a day, awoke at 0400 to get ready and off on the road for 0500. Easy drive straight along the A5 to parking spot, no trouble. I parked at the base of Tryfan so I would not have a walk to the car on the way back with tired legs and feet. So I geared up and walked along the road to the start of the well paved path up to the devils kitchen. The sun was shining and the birds singing so I had a spring in my step and made good time. At the devils place it is turn right for NW-004 or left for NW-003. As I planed to do NW-006 as well 004 had the upper hand. So off we went and did the activation. I was well pleased with the results saying I was only using a hand held with rubber duck. 11 contacts were made and no one calling me so QRT and QSY to 003. this was the only time today I had to back track down to DKs place again. Then up we go to 003. I can see why these two have the same number of activations as it would be criminal not to do both while you are up there so close. 12 contacts this time so off we go again on our travels. I walked along the top towards 006 and did not bother going to the top of next mountain just circumnavigated it as I knew I would need my strength for Tryfan. The way down to the col was rough and I was glad I did not come up this way. At the bottom it was time for lunch and think about our next step. I worked out that it was about a 170-meter climb from this spot but as I eat my food I watched people struggling to get up the south face. Well I said to myself as I was alone 170-meter climb cant be to bad let’s give it a shot. I remembered reading the tips about this mountain so again circumnavigating the south summit to the left as I was walking brought me to a path between the south and the true summit. Great up we go and with only a bit of scrambling at the top we visited Adam and Eve who had stayed in today to greet me. Only 6 contacts on 006 but one was a S2S with 2W0BYA/P doing quite nicely in a contest. So straight back down and the car was waiting patiently to take me home again. I thought the A5 would be busy so I went for a longer rout via the A55, big mistake very busy with hold-ups all the way to the M6. Still back for 8 pm felling well pleased with ones self.
Thanks as always to chasers and spotters especially, makes life easy. 26 Points for the day

73 Dave G0AOD

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Well done, Dave, a mountain day to gladden the heart of any climber even without the added pleasure of the activations!


Brian G8ADD

Well done Dave. A very sensible way to activate these summits, especially Tryfan.

73, Gerald

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thanks for the comments chaps. the sunburn was painful the next day hi.
will be at special event next weekend call sign GB0MOC. see web site for info http://www.burtonarc.co.uk then new wife comes over on 22nd. got a week of work then so plan on tacking her on her first SOTA trip, poor thing.
cheers 73 Dave

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so plan on tacking her on her first SOTA trip, poor thing.

Hi Dave,

Don’t forget, “non-combatants” usually suffer during an activation - generally from the cold and boredom from sitting listening to us waffle on (for maximum effect wear headphones so they can only hear one side of the conversation). Pack a good book and a fleece, even if it turns out to be 32 degrees C. An umbrella is also useful to protect from the cold, rain, wind or sun.

Hope it works out okay.

73, Gerald