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today is the day that the cafe up on mount snowdon is opened, also the train runs to the summit on monday 15th june 2009, i wonder how many will be activating the summit in the next few days, by using the train. Steve m0sgb

Hi Steve

It depends how deep their pockets are - I think it is quite expensive to catch that train up. Good luck to them I say, so long as the last few yards are “people powered”. Similarly I will be activating ON/ON-001 (I hope) on Sunday which I can drive over - the final ascent of probably less than 50m to a picnic table will be person powered - 8 points for me and any chaser that I work!


In reply to M0SGB:

David, G3RDQ has posted a cracking photo of portable operation from NW-001 early/mid sixties style. A golden age of radio that I sadly missed out on. There again looking at the size of the gear they were using perhaps SOTA would have not got going at all!


In reply to MM0FMF:

In the sixties G3NAQ and I operated portable from Greenlowther. We drove up the service road to the radar station (having got previous permission to operate) and unloaded a trunk full of valved gear to operate 2 metres and 160 metres. The heaviest item was the power unit to get a few hundred volts from a car battery for the anode supplies, that took the two of us! There was a huge loaded whip for Top Band and an 8/8 slot fed for two metres on a 6 or 7 metre aluminium mast. I think we only got a handful of contacts, but memory fails me after so long!


Brian G8ADD

In reply to MM0FMF:
Andy , where may we see David’s photograph please? I imagine the train took much of the strain.
David M6WOW

In reply to M6WOW:
David’s FB picture is in the photo pool here:


73 Marc G0AZS