NV-034 & NV-176 Izterbegi et Alba

Another Great activation day for this new year.
Departure from the Aldudes valley in the French Basque Country to activate Mount Izterbegi which is on the border with Spain (Navarre).
A very good surprise with snow and a temperature of minus 3 degrees Celsius.
34 QSOs carried out with 2 S2S.

Then descent to approach of the second summit "Pena de Alba located above the village of Aldudes at the border with Spain.
A dream landscape; alone in the world with the snow; a beautiful sun and positive temperatures .
50 QSOs carried out including 5 S2S.
Thanks to Guru and all the chasers who came to catch me for both activations.




Ttès belles photos ! Merci Alain de faire partager les paysages du Pays Basque. Chris - F4WBN

Sorry I missed your first one Alain but thanks for the second Pena de Alba, I always look forward to our contacts so Thanks and nice photos.
Best 73 de Allen

Terrific report and photos. Thanks :+1:

Geoff vk3sq, and HNY