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Numpty alert: logging /P contacts on qrz.com etc?

all this newfangled online logging malarky is new to me :smile:

I embrace it of course, and have accounts (free version) now on several.

I was out /P last night and got a few contacts, how do I log them as myself /P on qrz.com?

Do I need to make a /P logbook? Or ??

Edit: Ultimately I will be using Log4OM for this sort of thing, I can set that for /P operation, presumably when that syncs to the online logs, I will be sorted?

Believe you have to set up a Portable account.
I have two accounts on the QRZ page one for the Portable and one for home operations same with EQSL.

You will get used to it takes a while well did for me but it is easy once you get hang of it

Numpty there’s a word not heard in a while :laughing:


I believe it’s a 1980s CB expression, Karl. Similar to “wazzock”.



Wazzock definitely was. I feel numpty is a little too polite for 80s CB.

[quote=“G3NYY, post:3, topic:11087”]I believe it’s a 1980s CB expression[/quote]The OED has considered the matter (see http://public.oed.com/appeals/numpty/ ) and appears to blame the good folk of Glasgow. The Shorter OED doesn’t contain “numpty” but does include “nump” which it seems to think dates back to the 17th century.

Now there,s another one :slight_smile:


If that is the same word as “Wozzock” I first heard it being used by Yam-yams in the 1950’s - for those in the fringes of the country a Yam-yam is a denizen of the Black Country. The word pre-dates CB.



The full version as used in VK is not so polite - it includes the use of a second word after numpty, sounding a little like “duck” (stating with the letter “F”) and being a relatively descriptive term for someone who is annoyingly useless…


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I understand the term “numpty” has lately been superseded in Glasgow by the word “fanny”. The latter used to be an expression never used in polite company, but is now deemed harmless enough to be featured in a Barr’s Irn Bru television commercial!
How times have changed!