Nullo Mtn VK2/CT-017 and Mt Pomany VK2/CT-023

Another attempt mainly at the remote and elusive Mt Pomany deep within the Wollemi Wilderness National Park.
After the last epic will break the walk in up into easier stages camping in a saddle where am assured of a water supply.
Prior to leaving for Pomany will try to activate Nullo Mtn VK2/CT-017 which is on the property where I park my car. Think I should be able to negotiate permission from the property manager.
Main reason for doing this is so I can participate in the CW QRP Operators Club contest which takes place on Saturday.
Thereby kill two birds with one stone so as to speak.

Easter Saturday 4th 7.032cw around 0400UTC. After working as many as I can will switch to 14.061cw for VK interstate. Time of this unknown, depends how 40M goes. S2S sought after.
Later 0600 14.061cw for more VK interstate and DX. Will call till late in the evening/night except for when stoking campfires, meals and other sundry tasks.

Easter Sunday 5th will be on the walk to Mt Pomany and camp about halfway, no SOTA activity.

Easter Monday 6th. Should get to Mt Pomany in the early afternoon anticipated schedule

7.032cw 0400UTC for the locals, after working 40M will move to 14.061cw and look for VK interstate and S2S.
Later in the evening 14.061 0600UTC again for interstate and DX. During the evening/night will call as many times baring the campfire stoking, cooking etc.

No mobile phone access anywhere in this remote region. Using my KD1JV tribander, only 4W so will be good QRP challenge especially the DX and S2S.

Afraid a bit of rainy weather is moving in according to the weather charts so will see how it pans out.

All in all should be a good activation,these summits have not been activated and hope to hear from you.

Cheers, Nick VK2AOH

Hi Nick,

You can drive up Nullo Mountain. I did it about a year before SOTA came along in VK2. Dang!!

Edit: You can also drive up near by Mt Touwouwan as well. There is a caravan near the summit that shooters use.

Good luck!


Yes the drive up to Nullo Mtn is quite scenic, I came via Rystone. The Nullo Mtn summit however is of the public road and on private land which I am pretty sure is on the property I already pass through.
Hopefully their won’t be any problems with me camping near the summit so I can do an activation and take part in the QRP contest.

Afraid the weather forecasts look pretty dismal, some rain off and on over the whole weekend.

Thanks for the tip about Mt Touwoucan, will keep it in mind.